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Attendance can be found here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found here

Discussion items - Vocab (Hosting)/CGIT/InM 


V2.9 ballot reconciliation

  • negative vote table missing table 952 - table had been renumbered and harmonisation approval was not given. Financial management have to update the information
  • All other vocab items were affirmative, some minor editorial changes in chapter 2C.
  • Clinical content V2 tables of type "HL7" Should this be changed?


In HL7 table type the values are HL7 content. these tables are clinical content and many countries now want to convert this to SNOMED CT content. This requires changing from HL7 type to User Defined table type. This has the potential to break the backward compatibility rules. It is allowed to extend a table but not to redefine what is in there.

It was agreed that we would like to do this but it would break the existing rules of V2 and we are therefore inhibited from achieving this requirement. Consideration was given to the introduction of a new feature in V2 but this could not be added in the current ballot cycle. A solution for the future will be considered. FHIR is an alternative.

  • New Table Type for V2 tables that have content from a non-V2 HL7 family value set or a non-V2 HL7 code system; treated as an External table but is HL7 (just not V2 family)

There is currently no tooling that supports enumeration of value set content without a table. This request is to use a v3 value set and in the code system property they want to list the version 3 code system which requires a neumonic rather than a table number.

What would this type of 'table' be as the content is external to the v2 process but it is still owned within the HL7 product family. there is a need to publish the content but our tooling has no way to undertake this publishing process. this requires a 'table number' where the values come from a code system in e.g. V3. It behaves like an external table but is really internal to HL7. There is also the issue of how to not reference the table by number, but rather a neumonic from the original product family held in the 393 table. Table 2C can enumerate the values but it is preferred not to do tht as there could be maintenance issues over time.

HL7 table in V2 means this is an HL7 V2 table but external tables could also be HL7 but external to the V2 management process.

We would need to create the value set in the V2 tooling using the V3 value set as the source.

Action: we will not eneumerate it in the V2 specification but the content will need to be published somewhere - there could be a 1 year gap between publishing the V2 reference and the value set becoming available through publishing next time there is a V3 normalised ballot. In the longer term the reference could be UTG.

 Meeting schedule It was agreed to continue meeting in this quarter at the next meeting. The next meeting is after ballot and will be likely to be required - Vocab will host.

Action items

  •  James Case Case to update planning for the Cologne to include this joint meeting with vocab hosting, also note the need for a meeting with publishing in Baltimore meeting as there will be no publishing co-chairs in Cologne.
  • Ted Klein to straighten out the v2.9 ballot recon Negative with FM
  • Ted Klein to redraft Chapter 2C front matter for the upcoming ballot, and get it in front of the WG on an upcoming call for review and approval, and pass the changes by INM as well before the final content deadline for the May ballot