Chair: Abdul-Malik Shakir

Scribe: Ted Klein

Attendees:  Ewout Kramer, Lloyd McKenzie, Grahame Grieve, Jay Lyle, Paul Knapp, Rob Hausam, Wayne Kubick, Heather Grain, Sandy Stuart, Scott Robinson John Moerhke, Alexander Henket, Michael Van der Zel, Brian Postelwaite, Ioana Singuranu, 

Introductions and Report announcements

Will be submissions from OO (couple of small ones), and quite a few from FM (potentially FHIR as well as V2), and a large amount from Security.

Dates have been confirmed at the RoundTable meeting in Cologne:

Initial Proposals will be due June 22, 2018.

Final Proposals will be due July 20, 2018.

Harmonization meeting will be July 25 and 26, 2018.

We finished harmonization prep, and have moved on to reports.

Alexander Henket: there is a request to examine the stylesheet for rendering CDA as a candidate for a standardized stylesheet from HL7 for this task.  John M noted that we don't have the expertise for this, and he should seek domain experts to do this review.

We moved on to the three questions from Grahame.  This led to wide ranging discussions around these issues.  The notes were continued on slides from Lloyd, which are inserted below.

Grahame noted that he has been discussing with Jane the use of small value sets containing SNOMED content for unencumbered use world-wide (no IP restriction) and the process is being worked out with Grahame and Jane.  An agreement around this is being worked on, and Grahame said that HTA would be brought into this process going on.  SNOMED will evaluate EACH value set request, and approve or disapproved them on a case-by-case basis.

We move on to discuss 'stand-alone-ness' of resources, with a particular focus on Questionnaire Response.  We also discussed how the FM resources seem quite different from the resources coming from elsewhere. 

The discussion moved on to how to populate 'isModifier', and whether something is a modifier or not.  Lloyd noted that extensions that are modifier are broken out separately so that folks can easily see when potentially catastrophic differences in meaning might be hiding.

Note that the room apparently was only booked until 5PM and the hotel needs time to prepare it for another event and will throw us out in under and hour.

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