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The following tasks MUST be completed prior to Go Live. Groupers are in bold (not actual tasks).

Task Name
Source of Truth Content
   Issues from Google Doc
      (#67) Missing code 'att' for Attachments
      (#38) No support for Multiple Print Names (i.e. foreign language, see task below)
      (#87) Manually put in construct for German translations
   Locate and Document Code and Processes to Create Cached Local Images for External Standards
   Update uris from Canada
   Document Date URIs were Taken From / Effective Since
   Add Support for Printname and Description in Multiple Languages
   Control Manifests (new ad hoc, updates to existing)
   Add Usage Notes for v2 and v3 Content
   Fix Incorrect Urls in Extensions
   Fix Issues Identified in Latest V3 Publication Test
      Code System Instances Missing Titles
      EffectiveDate Appearing as '--' for many Domain Bindings
   Unified Content
      Unify ObservationInterpretation
   V2 UTG Back to Publishing Database
      Enlist Frank to do final test V2 Resources
   CDA Content
      Update R2.0 CDA Domains
      CDA Management Group to Clean Up CDA Resources
      Update CDA Value Sets
   External Content
      Implement HTA Interaction
      Change Handling for External Content Change Requests
      Convenience Copies
         Agreements for Republishing New External Content
User Workflow
   Allow User to Re-Cast Vote
   Automate Push to GitHub
   Cleanup of User Workflow
      Ensure Submitters Cannot Editor Voting Fields
      Remove Proposal Implementation field
      Remove Proposal ID field
      Limit Assignee dropdown to Submitters
      On Draft Proposal, add Intro Vocab message for Tooling
      On Draft Proposal, get rid of Full Name field
      Add new field for "Change Objects" that is CSV list of Names
      Sponsor approval date should be blocker on submit
      Remove top Comment button from view
      Fix issue with broken rendered links
Curator Workflow
   Modification of utg.xml file in branch for version ID
   Modification of utg.xml file for CI Build version updates
   Publishing Operation to Create Release Manifests Based on Control Manifests
   Define Process for Review/Oversight of Ballot-Bound Content
   Update Manual Workflow for Publishing Process
UTG Editor
   Improved Display of Multiple Hierarchy
   Fix R4 Toolkit
   OSX and 64-bit fixes
Vocabulary Server
   Fix Help > About
   Server will not start without CDA folder present
IG Templates
   Create UTG logo and color scheme
   Provide Text for Disclaimer banner
   Add script to include release ID argument
   Add Date/Time Stamp for CI Build
   Version default should be Overridden if Version ID in resource
   Fix Error with Published Version
IG Publisher
   Add Resource Types for Extensions in Google Doc
   Define All the Extensions
   Properly Render Extensions
   Extend Capability of IG to do UTG Release
   For Rendered Proposal, add 'Based on CI build' for Version
Versioning and Publishing
   Implement Release Versioning
   Integration of Core MIF Generation to UTG Build
   Generated Core MIF through Lynn's Tooling (V3 publishing)
   V2 Publishing Database Interfacing (V2 publishing)
   FHIR Pages Update Integration (FHIR publishing)
   Add Scripting Tools to add Additional Components into Publishing (such as coremif generation)
   Generate Updates on UTG Current Releases Page and link to JIRA workflow
   Create Structured Guidance for UTG Resources to Support v2, v3, CDA, and fhir
   Document all Vocabularies that are Out of Scope (structural, ballot-bound)
   Document how to check Status of Branch
   Educational Materials
      Discuss Education with Sadhana and Virginia
      Create Training Video for Submitting Proposals
      Create Training Video for Reviewing Proposals
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