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Use Case Description:

Patient uses a gender identity of hijra that is not in minimum value set. System supports extending the set of GI values. The added gender identity value needs to be recorded as patient gender identity. Hijra must be exchanged along with a mapped value from the min set. Need to allow that the mapping may be unique for this institution or patient.

Need to also consider how to communicate this added gender identity value to a common updated. In addition need to consider how to support implementation specific display text and then share this across implementations.


Scope Statement:




Alternative and/or related Workflow(s):

Alignment and/or Misalignment with Gender Harmony Model:

Current Standard Support:

  • HL7 V2.x   
V2.x Resource: 
  • HL7 V3
V3 Resource:
  • HL7 FHIR
FHIR Resource:
DICOM Resource:
NCPDP Resource:
  • X12
X12 Resource:
  • Other (please specify standard and resource below)


Required Additional Standard Support:

Use case needs to clarify what datatypes are needed in order to support sending a mapped code (translation) and the implemented display text. 
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