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Attendance can be found Here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found Here

Discussion items


Initial discussion of upcoming Gravity Project PSS to do May or Sept ballot on Food Insecurity observation.Lisa R. Nelson

Lisa presented the idea behind an upcoming PSS to define a small profile on observation focused on documenting food insecurity. She wants Vocab to co-sponsor because she believes this is a prototype of many upcoming needs where coded concepts will be needed but are not currently available. She wants vocab help in obtaining these concepts in the best way possible, including support for temporary concepts. She will present the PSS to the vocab call on Sept 26.

One area that was discussed was the possibility of dusting off the HL7 SNOMED CT extension (that came from 

  • SNOMED ON FHIR/TermInfo Update (brief)

SNOMED Int is supporting the work and hosts all the material and recordings on the SNOMED CT confluence site.

  • Support for FHIR TS for SNOMED CT
    • Use of ECL in composition, filters
      • Connectathon – no one is using the expression extension.
      • ECL is being used to support the so called "Implicit Value Set" functions 
  • Long discussion on "Implicit Value Sets" and Robert Hausam statement that an "implicit value set is a value set based on code system functionality." This seems to be a filter on the implicit value set thatt is all code in the code system BUT there was pushback on this statement.
  • Rob will present Implicit approach to vocab call

  • Discussion on Vocabulary Support for development of IGs.

Ted reviewed plans for UTG

  • Additional FHIR tracker items

not covered

Need to confirm finished reconciliation. Need to decide on publishing, may NOT want to publish this, may need to withdrawal.

Action items

  •  Robert HausamTo bring to vocab con call a complete presentation on Implicit value sets noting what operations supported, how it differs from filters on the all codes implicit value set, and what is returned ("naked expansion")
  • Robert Hausam Bring to vocab con call current state of the TermInfo reconciliation and the options for completion (Withdrawal?)

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