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Discussion items


Vocabulary/Publishing (Hosting Representatives)

  • UTG publishing of vocabulary on
  • Cross references and publishing of V2 and FHIR material
Ted Klein

V3 is published in a machine processable mechanism using rosetree. There are difficulties with this use. V2 is even worse.

Ted explained the UTG project to support publication.

Publishing were asked to consider if they find the process acceptable and what their specific requirements are, and forward this informaiton to Ted or to review the confluence page and add comments for publishing requirements for UTG as part of the project implementation.

Proposals for building machinery components are being built over the next 6 months to devleop a functioning pilot which can be browsed, downloaded and to create a change proposal. This will be generated at the meeting in January with the intent to put through the March harmonisation proposals through the tool to assist the pilot.

Versioning issues will need to be visited now that the terminology content is being harmonised.

  • Any change in the CLD is a major version change.
  • Any change in the metadata (other than compose) is minor unless it changes the scope of the content.

Is the proposed method of publication acceptable (at this point given we are moving to pilot)

Is keeping product families separate for browsing appropriate to test in the pilot

Need to validate with Frank O that for V2 publishing that the release process will include a notification of changes in UTG relevant to V2.

These approaches were agreed subject to the pilot testing.

Need to decide, now that we can do these sort of things, what do we actually want to publish. Implementable content is expansions and there was discussion that this would be preferred.

  • Publishing of External Vocabulary (HTA involvement)
Ted Klein

Where these terminologies are published and the current modelling is that the organisational metadata is consistent for a number of code systems.

Include information on requests for change processes.

Action items

  •  Ted Klein include in call schedule - Versioning Issues as we are now ready to work through these issues.
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