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Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found Here

Discussion items

FHIR ballot tracker items, see agenda for specific items.   Resolutions and votes are recorded in the gForge tracker items.

Grahame noted that the IGPublisher will be used for V2 and CDA publication, and since the identifiers of the systems in those families use table 0396 entries or OIDs respectively, the naming service needs to be integrated into Terminology Services with a parameter that it needs to look up the URL for the system through the naming service by OID or table 396 entry in order to expand value sets and generate the publishing artifacts within the terminology stack properly.   This will be fleshed out in at zulip discussion.

We proceeded to the Block Votes and the hanging items from the other day.


#18151 - Clarify ValueSet.compose.include.concept.display notes (Rob McClure)

Rob McClure

Need to be clear that when you make a value set with alternative display descriptions it should be communicated to the users so that they know how the different displays are to be used and related to the original descriptions from the code system.

Details in the ballot disposition documentation

Moved Rob McClure to wordsmith to clarify use of display and designations in value set expansions.

Seconded: Ted K.

Vote: For: 22 Against: 0 Abstain: 3


GF#18153 - Code system: CodeSystemContentMode missing Partition (Rob McClure)

Pulled from block A - Discuss and vote

Rob McClure

Partition of a code system was defined as something owned by the terminology authority and can incude concepts that are part of a code system in the partition. l This allows segmentation of a code system to supplement informaiton about a code system. SNOMED is managing this process in a different manner to that expected so our method of management is not required for that use case. Fragments are the alternative.

Details in the ballot disposition document. including voting to agree pursuasive with mod.


Block 1 - Agree with submitter on clarifications (Persuasive w/wo Mod or Considered - QA) (47 items)

Vote (if minimal discussion)

Rob McClureSee ballot disposition document for discussion and voting.

Block vote 2 - Can't do (Not persuasive w/wo Mod or Considered for Future Use) (9 items)

Vote (if minimal discussion)

Rob McClureSee ballot disposition document for discussion and voting

Typos (Persuasive) (27 items)

Verify no vote need. Understanding of and use case for abstract, not selectable and optional codes in value set expansions

Rob McClureSee ballot disposition document for discussion and voting

Timing for migration of FHIR non-ballot-bound items to

Grahame Grieve

There have been difficulties with vendors who wish to use snomed where it has not been specified (due to the gfact taht not all users have snomed licenses). The idea of a one to one concept map to snomed to resolve this issue. These concepts are largely administrative concepts. It is intended that a proposal for this be prepared to go to HTA. For those concepts which overlap into the snomed space we would publish the concept map There would be a need to make sure that the concepts needed are in snomed ct international release, but maintenance of the map would occur in HL7 and be published as a subset by snomed international.

Qualifier values are context dependent from an ontological perspective they do not have an inate universal defiinition of wha the qualifier means until they are associated with a concept.

Free Subset relationship - discussions are still open, the outcome may be that there would be concept maps which would have a source of HL7 internal content to SNOMED content so is not ineffect free use of snomed content in HL7 FHIR messages.

10:30Thank you to Jim CaseRob McClureThanked Jim Case for his tireless efforts as a Vocab. Co-Chair upon his retirement from that position.

Action items

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