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Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found Here

Discussion items


SOLOR SNOMED Extension Distribution

Ted Klein

CIMI representatives have informed Vocabulary over the lunch break that they will not be able to attend this session.

Stan will not be at HL7 meetings after Wednesday lunch time in future so we will reconsider the agenda for the next

Moved Jim Case Vocabulary request that for content needed from a national extention, CIMI make a content promotion request to the HTA who will submit the formal request to snomed international.

Seconded Heather Grain

Vote: For: 11 Against: 0 Abstain: 0

Breaking change in R4 ballot in subsumption hierarchies in FHIR ballotsRob Hausam

Issue: The wording applies to the old way subsumption was done in FHIR - it is formatted and stated incorrectly, violates HL7's rule and won't work properly.

GForge ticket 19307. - See gforge for details

Suggest: for a single hierarchy the representation of the hierarchy is in the structure of the resource. For multiple parentage hierarchy where there are multiple ISA paths all of the ISA releationships are represented in the properties rather than the structure of the resource.

If this is included it can be tested in the community.

Action items

  •  Heather Grain to inform Susan Matney of this motion and provide any supporting information necessary.
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