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Attendance can be found Here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found Here

Discussion items

3:30pmMeeting started
Confirmation of agenda for the week and allocation of chair and scribing responsibilities
3:38pmChair and Scribe assignments for WGMAllThe agenda was reviewed, and chair and scribe responsibilities were established.
4:10pmHTA request forHeather

HTA requested Vocab discuss and clarify of the HTA scope to cover requirement for governance and provenance (including distribution, legal, permission to use, licensing etc) of all terminology in HL7. The use case is about international translations of terminology used by HL7.

Consideration was given to the Purpose statement in the GOM 10.09.01 regarding the HTA. The UTG governance requirements should be provided by HTA while Vocabulary manage the implementation requirements and operationalisation.

Heather Grain add UTG requirements review to the HTA agenda.

It was agreed to retain the words in the document presented.

Jim Case moved that these changes be accepted by the Vocab WG as presented.

Seconded by Joel

Vote: For 8, Against 0, Abstain 2

Motion carries

4:28pmNew Project ProposalCarol M

It would be difficult for someone to pick up VSD and the FHIR spec without a vocab report on alignment of these procedures. We know that the two approaches are not totally compatible.

A Project Scope Statement will be needed to cover work required on this work. This would be a Vocabulary led project, which would be co-sponsored by FHIR management group.

Caroline Macumber Carol and Rob M to prepare the PSS.

4:35pmExisting Project ReviewAll

Vocab did not achieve star in PBS metrics, due to project status (on a project which was vetoed by TSC and beyond Vocab control).

We were not able to identify why we got penalised for something on project insite but we couldn't work out what the problem was. Russell Hamm will follow up with Ann to work out and resolve the problem.

Project Review

1364 Ted Klein update project insite entries for UTG.

1325 Rob McClure to update project insite entries for VSC

1306 Ted Klein to update project insite entries UTG governance process - close

1247 Robert Hausam update status

1196 Ted Klein close this project and point to UTG

1047 Rob McClure update when published

849 Robert Hausam update the status to transfer to TERMINFO on FHIR

630 Ted Klein update project insite for binding.

Action Item ReviewAll

Action items

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