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Attendance can be found Here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found Here

Discussion items

13:50Meeting startedDescribed use of the agenda, minutes and attendance confluence page
13:55FHIR Ballot Items

FHIR Ballot did not pass and we have two weeks to resolve the outstanding issues. There are concerns that "require" that this version of the ballot does not pass. Rob McClure asked how we can assure that this does not pass. As long as negatives are not withdrawn, the ballot cannot pass. As long as Vocab states that any issue correction is a breaking change, this will stop the ballot from passing. Regardless, all of the ballot comments need to be addressed. There are a total of 92 items to review.

Review of block votes:

  1. Persuasive clarifications (47) -
    18712 - submitted as a question. Differences between the use of a CLD in the VSD and in the FHIR resources prevent a complete analogy between the two. MIF and VSD are cross code system constraint and FHIR is an intra-code system constraint. Need to come back and look at this. Caroline Macumber has posted a clarifying question to the tracker.
  2. Not persuasive - won't do (9) -
  3. Submitted as "OK" (9) - All were simply listed as OK. These were all considered and no action is required.
    Vote: Rob McClure / Ted Klein 10/0/0 affirm/neg/abstain
  • Carmela A. Couderc to contact submitter of "OK" block group on correct submission processes.
    4. Block "A" (not related) (9) - Comments are recorded in the Gforge tickets.
  • 18663 - Carmela A. Couderc to resubmit for next ballot
  • 18661 - Carmela A. Couderc to resubmit for next ballot
  • 18616 - Carmela A. Couderc to resubmit for next ballot asking to clarify definition
    18153 - pulled for later discussion

Vote on the block without 18153 Robert Hausam / Rob McClure 10/0/0


Action items

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