NameEmailJIRA IDOrganizationPerspective(s)Comment
Rob McClurermcclure@mdpartners.comMD Partners, ONCUS realm, vocab co-chairco-lead
Danny WIse

Cristina Creary


Cooper Thompson

cooper@epic.comEpicVendor, Patient Admin co-chairHL7 Balloting Sub-Cttee
Reuben Danielsreuben@saludax.comSaludaxInternational, Vocab co-chair, HL7 Australia Child Health co-chair
Craig NewmanCraig.Newman@altarum.orgAltarum

Nancy Orvis

US DoDUS gov
Carol Clinical ArchitectureTerminology tooling, Vocab co-chair, HL7 Terminology Authorityco-lead
Thom Kuhntkuhn@acponline.orgACPProviders
Shelly Spiroshelly@pharmacyhit.orgPharmacy HIT CollaborativePharmacists
DiVinci - Payors
Lenel JamesLenel.James@bcbsa.comBCBSAPayors
Heather Grainheather.grain@gehco.orgGlobal eHealth CollaborativeInternational, Vocab co-chair
Andrea MacLean

 Canada Health Infoway International

 Sunanda  Sunanda McGarvey Northrop Grumman Implementer PH WG
 Heather Patrick Heather Patrick CDC US Gov
Zabrina Gonzagazabrina.gonzaga@lantanagroup.comZabrina GonzagaLantana Consulting Group

Gay Dolingdolin@NamasteInformatics.comGay DolinNamaste InformaticsStandards Development - Health Care InformaticistSDWG co-chair
Daniel Vreemandvreeman@regenstrief.orgRegenstrief Institute, IncTerminology SDO
 Kaitlin Perkins
Northrop Grumman   
 Zander Keig Unknown User (zanderkeig)Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) Stakeholder
Andrea JCL Downeyandreajcdowney@gmail.comAndrea DowneyHL7 SME, Novel ePath conformance to HL7 v2.3 NAACCR StandardSME Manitoba Cancer Staging Information Initiative; SNOMED, LOINC, CIHI encoding; HIE/HIX interfacing; standards; PMP

Lead, HL7 Balloting Sub-Cttee;

Lead, 2020 Vocab Survey Sub-Cttee

Clair Kronkclair.kronk@yale.eduClair Kronk 

Bioinformatician/Medical Informatician; Postdoctoral Researcher at Yale University Center for Medical Informatics; ISO

Vocabulary; Terminology; SME2020 Vocab Survey Sub-Cttee
Chris Grassocgrasso@fenwayhealth.orgChris Grasso Fenway Health

Healthcare organization,


Vocab, Terminology & HIE

HL7 Balloting Sub-Cttee
Robert Horn
Robert HornDICOMVocab, Terminology & HIE  interfacing; standardsHL7 Balloting Sub-Cttee
Roz Queen

S&G WG (CHI)Author, 2020 Vocab Survey2020 Vocab Survey Sub-Cttee (Charter member, inactive)
Ken McCaslinken.mccaslin@aegislabs.comKen McCaslin Aegis Sciences CorporationConsultant
Chris Shawnchristopher.shawn2@va.govChris Shawn VAUS Gov, Co-Chair Security, Co-Chair, Human and Social Services, US Realm, TSCVA Lead
MaryKay McDanielmarykay.mcdaniel@outlook.comMary Kay McDaniel 

HL7 FM Co-chair


Cara Schlegelcara.schlegel@icf.comCara Schlegel ICFVocab and Terminology
Ulrike (Riki) Merrick rikimerrick@gmail.comUlrike Merrick Vernetzt, LLC / APHLConsultantOO Co-Chair
Lorraine Constablelorraine@constable.caLorraine Constable 
ConsultantOO Co-Chair
Christopher Graconcgracon@independenthealth.comChristopher Gracon Independent HealthPayer / X12
Bettina Vanoverbettina.vanover@cognizant.comCognizantVendor
Jay Lylejay.lyle@jpsys.comJay Lyle JP Systems for VHACDA SpecificationPC Co-chair
John Snyderjohn.snyder@nih.govJohn Snyder National Library of MedicineUS SNOMED Author
Mara DiSalvoMara.DiSalvo@cognizant.comMara DiSalvo CognizantVendor
Rumi Sh Community Member

Carmela Couderccarmela.couderc@hhs.govONCUS Govt.Vocab co-chair

Savage & Savage LLCIndividual / CommunityInteroperability Standards WG, Gravity Project, etc.
Joel Balesbales_joel@bah.comJoel Bales Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization OfficeUS Govt (consultant)
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  1. Unknown User (zanderkeig)

    How may I add myself to the list?

    1. If you have a Confluence log in, you can add yourself by selecting edit at the top of the page while logged in. Go to the last row of the table, press tab for a new row, and enter the info. Then click the Update button at the bottom of the page.

      1. Can you point me to the "press tab" to add a new row? I know it's probably glaringly obvious but I cannot find it.

        sorry, also a newbie :-/

  2. Good morning Rob McClure Nancy Orvis- I just wanted to follow up on the email discussion from last week regarding skills sets needed for continued Gender Harmony project work. Thank you.