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The following polices are set forth by the HL7 Vocabulary Work Group and the HL7 Terminology Authority with regards to continued use of the HL7 Code Systems with Retired or Legacy status.

  • For existing implementers of these inactive code systems, HL7 respects the right of active implementations to determine the appropriate course of action, if any.
  • For net new implementers, HL7 strongly advises against the adoption and use of these code systems and recommends that implementers look to other vocabularies or reference terminology that better support the clinical and/or business requirements.
  • HL7 will:
    • not create or maintain code systems for domain specific content (e.g., medication dose forms, laboratory tests) for which there are external code systems providing the content
    • no longer add new HL7 content to these code systems (and therefore any dependent value sets)
    • no longer maintain or deprecate HL7 content in these code systems (and therefore any dependent value sets)
    • not provide maps of these legacy code systems and/or value sets to newer vocabularies as it is impossible to verify the accuracy of the mappings or correct semantics without knowing all the details of any clinical and/or business implementation; to do so, may lead to patient safety risk(s)
    • continue to publish these code systems (and therefore any dependent value sets) to support legacy implementations

HL7 is no longer maintaining (adding, changing or deprecating content) the HL7 code systems in the table below. The table below is provided for convenience and only reflective of deprecated code systems as of December 2018. For a current list of deprecated HL7 code systems (and if available, recommended alternatives), please utilize the officially released content as part of the applicable HL7 product family. Until the on-going Unified Terminology Governance effort delivers a single process and tools by which deprecated code systems across product families can be identified, implementers should be discouraged from using any code system that is not recommended for use within the product family (e.g., V2 in FHIR).

Please note that further work is being done in the Vocabulary work group to determine the go forward policies and procedures related to the larger issues surrounding code system and value set maintenance.

2.16.1ISO3166-1retiredISO 3166 2 Character Country Codes
2.16.2ISO3166-2retired ISO 3166 3 Character Country Codes
2.16.3ISO3166-3retiredISO 3166 Numeric country Codes
2.16.840.1.113883.6.9iso4217-HL7ISO 4217 Currency code, HL7 use

For information on the the discussion that contributed to this policy within the Vocabulary Work Group see either Main WG Conference Call Minutes or here.

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