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Objective: Any change requests for V2 vocabulary (table content) or V3 vocabulary (coremif code systems and value sets) will only be able to be processed using this new system in preparation for the May 2020 ballot cycle.

Prerequisite: As a prerequisite for beginning the Pilot, the first published official release of the HL7 terminology using the new formatting and process is required.  This release will carry the initial HL7 Terminology version ID of 2.0.0 and its availability will be announced to the cochairs list.

Getting Involved

To participate in UTG Pilot testing please email

Current testers include: Julie James Susan Matney Reuben Daniels Paul Knapp (reviewer) Sylvia Thun (OSG voter and reviewer) Craig Newman (v2 0396 proposal) John Moehrke

Specific named individuals are being identified that will submit change request proposals.  These people must have:

  • A login to the HL7 JIRA production server environment; this login account will require UTG Submitter permissions.
  • Ability to install software on their computers; in order to submit proposals, tools to edit the HL7 vocabulary resources and to manage the change branches in the GIT repositories requires client side software to be installed and configured.
  • This software consists of:
    • VocabTx server
    • FHIRToolkit
    • SourceTree
  • Instructions for downloading and installing the tooling may be found HERE.

Everyone that wishes to review, comment on, and vote on change requests to also get a UTG JIRA account; this account must have UTG Reviewer permissions. Please contact Joshua Procious at (and CC Jessica Snell at to get set up in JIRA. 

Pilot Proposals

Craig Newman Pilot Proposal for V2 Table 0396.docx

Robert Hausam Unifty ObservationInterpretation

John Moehrke IHE

Sheila Abner HSLOC

Test Data

Current build content may be browsed at 

Documentation located on UTG Tooling and Proposal Documentation (download the Word Document)

Test Plan

Walk through submitting your proposal using the UTG process and tooling. Note any issues or documentation deficiencies. 

Reporting Issues

Process for reporting content issues TBD.

Test Results

Results of testing to be added here.

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