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For information on Vocabulary Work Group administered calls:

Main Vocabulary Work Group Meeting and Call Info

FHIR Tracker Issues Meeting and Call Info

Gender Harmony Meeting and Call Info

Glossary Project Meeting and Call Info

Standardized Terminology Knowledgebase Meeting and Call Info

SNOMED on FHIR (TermInfo) Meeting and Call Inf

Unified Terminology Governance Meeting and Call Info (UTG)

Vocabulary Co-chairs Meeting and Call Info

VSD Profile Project Calls and Meetings

Task Force Calls

Note: these are not associated with a particular approved project like those above, and only occur as long as necessary to meet task force goals. The links below point to the call details in HL7 Conference Call Center and are accurate as of 1/8/21

Code System ID and Creation Process.  (this one uses the 'regular' vocabulary zoom meeting details)

Vocabulary Policy Items Focus (initial is Deprecation Policy)  - note uses the 'regular' vocabulary zoom account

Completed or Inactive Meeting and Call Info

Value Set Definition Meeting and Call Info (VSD) - COMPLETE

Binding Semantics Meeting and Call Info (VBS) - INACTIVE

Value Set Expansion Meeting and Call Info (VSE) - INACTIVE

For information regarding Vocabulary Work Group in-person Working Group Meetings:

Working Group Meetings

Screen Share and Audio Connection
(for all meetings unless otherwise specified)

Online Meeting Link: 
Online Meeting ID: vocab 
International Dial-in Numbers:

NOTE: Currently there is an issue with the Free Conference Call Dial-in option. If you must use a dial in, please notify the vocab co-chair who leads the call.

Audio if not using the built-in VOIP with computer mic and speakers:

Phone Number: +1 605-472-5280
Participant Passcode: 495389

Completed and Inactive Projects Archive (will create when needed)

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