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"Biological Sex", it's complicated!

Gender Idendity and Blood Donation

A reminder that transvestite ≠ transgender.

Medium: James Flynn - When Trans Doesn’t Mean Transgender

U.S. passports offer only ‘M’ or ‘F’ gender categories. A new bill would require a gender-neutral ‘X,’ too.

"Great thread on complexity of medicine and relationship to how to represent data for interoperability, CDS, CQM, precision medicine, etc. "…

Excellent article on gender non-conformant life

Aiden Kivisto and Rob Horn discuss the way sex and gender are handled in the healthcare environment historically and how we can better serve the unique healthcare IT challenges posed by the transgender and LGBTQ patient.

Massachusetts adds Non-binary gender option to driver's licenses and state ID cards

AMA news site here:

High Country News 

In the Diné language, there are at least six genders: Asdzáán (woman), Hastiin (male), Náhleeh (feminine-man), Dilbaa (masculine-woman), Nádleeh Asdzaa (lesbian), ‘Nádleeh Hastii (gay man). All come from the Diné creation story, in which asdzáán and hastiin, a cisgender married couple, were not getting along and separated. When that happened, dilbaa and náhleeh emerged from hiding and were seen as a special group that could perform the duties of both women and men, stepping into the vacated partner roles. They were accepted by asdzáán and hastiin, who realized their survival depended on them.

Canada Health Infoway highlights their Sex and Gender Harmony project, Kelly Davison here

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Measures for Global Survey Research: A Primer for Improving Data Quality

ACLA Best Practice Recommendation for Administrative and Clinical Patient Gender used for Laboratory Testing and Reporting here

A Guide To Gender Identity Terms
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