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Attendance can be found Here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found Here

Discussion items


Concept map resourceRob Hausam

Guidance where there is overlap and it is clearly better to use one resource or another for a specific use case.

Equivalence value issues:

  • some verbs, some nouns,
  • direction is sometimes confusing,
  • examples are needed

Document that it is acknowledged that there will often be overlap and then focus on how equivalence is managed.  There are some values in the value set which have caused problems in the supplement.  The value set issues are that there are different value sets which sound like they are the same thing when you read their definitions or descriptions.

Proposed modifications

Change Equivalence to Relationship (to source) - thereby making the direction clear.

     Definition:  Nature of the relationship from the target to the source.

Value Set Name - concept-map-relationship

     Definition:  nature of the relationship between concepts

New Code system from which concept-map-relationship will draw.  The previous code system must be retired.  The new code system will be concept-map-relationship.

Relationship values:

  • Remove:
    • equal 
    • subsumes
  • Wider changed to Broader
  • Remove specializes
  • change Discjoint to not related to


  • unmatched
  • inexact

update the definition of unmapped.

Add a new element for No Map.

Motion:  excluding binding Rob Hausam moved that the changes agreed above be endorsed and are to be recommended to FHIR MB.  Vocabulary will write definitions for all concepts.

Seconded  Peter Jordon.

Vote:  12 in favour, 0 Abstain, 0 No.

Motion passes.

Binding Rule - Binding of Relationship to Concept-Map-Relationship will be required as relationships are now exhaustive and mutually exclusive.  Guidance should be provided on how to add and manage extensions to cover your needs.     This will be discussed further Q4 Thursday.

GlossaryHeather Grain

Steering Division - report status of the glossary - indicate - 

  • need for terms and definitions to be harmonized and to be definitions.
  • loading of terms going forward


  • request modification to include:
    • new terms and definitions included - which are not in SKMT already

Facilitators - include in new training webinar - how to write terms and definitions, how to use SKMT

Suggestion to clearly indicate that Q4 Sunday includes Facilitator discussion and support  

Action items

  •  Heather Grain Report to Steering Division on glossary status
  • Heather Grain Add SKMT and terms and definitions to facilitator training WebInar.
  • Ted Klein Next WGM sunday Q4 include on the written agenda:  Facilitator discussion and support on the agenda
  • Heather Grain Invite all Vocabulary Facilitators to the Sunday Q4 session and to the Webinar.

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