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Connectathon summary 

  • DG provides an update/summary of the Terminology Services connectathon track
    • Track description:
    • Displays the Powerpoint slide deck which was used at the connectathon.
    • Four "Ask an Expert" sessions were run and were well attended.
    • Sessions were held in which terminology services testing and validation were discussed.
    • Sandy Vance has organised a meeting with Viet (CSIO) to discuss use of terminology servers during connectathons. 
  • Lisa Nelson: How many regular participants would we have on our radar for a terminology services track?
    • Peter Jordan: It's a slowly growing community. We need to focus on the client side. We have about 12 servers.
  • Lisa Nelson:
    • I would like to know which participants are participating in the role of a FHIR Server.
  • Carol: Not all servers have implemented Terminology Capabilities.
  • Discussion on how the IG Publisher works from 5.50 (UPDATE from recording)
  • Lloyd discusses plans for (UPDATE from recording)
  • Reuben Daniels queries where governance for sits and when we can have Service Level Agreements for
    • Lloyd responds that Grahame handles governance of and SLAs can be provided if asked for.
    • Reuben Daniels explicitly makes this request and further notes that the lack of transparency around is a problem.
    • Lloyd agreed that this is a problem but requires resources and investment to resolve.

Discussion on use, cleanup, and guidance for the NullFlavor code system (Lisa Nelson)

  • LN displays and speaks to Review NullFlavor CodeSystem powerpoint presentation.
  • Lloyd McKenzie queries what the objective is.
    • The ask is quality improvement.
    • Align the definitions with corresponding codes from FHIR or add missing codes.
    • Jean Duteau: The code system is fixed.
    • Lloyd McKenzie: We can add new codes in a different code system.
  • Discussion why the NullFlavor code system cannot be updated (UPDATE from recording)
  • Carmela Couderc queried why the normative resources cannot be updated.
    • Lloyd responds to say this code system is part of V3 and we (HL7) will never publish a new version of V3.
  • AbdulMalik Shakir notes that while the NullFlavor code system is not used in FHIR base resources, it can (and is) used in 
  • Lloyd notes that use of the NullFlavor in FHIR IGs is not recommended.
  • Lisa continues with powerpoint slide deck to discuss specific issues with concepts in the NullFlavor code system.
  • Lloyd: We do not want to go back to ISO with data types.
  • Discussion around adding a code needed by Canada (UPDATE from recording)
  • Lloyd: CDA can do what it likes because no-one else is using the RIM.  (Jay Lyle) clarify mutability of value sets bound to code type elements

  • Jay describes the issue.
  • Discussion around a resolution centred around changing the wording (UPDATE from recording)

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