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Discussion items

17:32 CST

Finish verbiage updates on FHIR-17480 - clarify mutability of value sets bound to code type elements

  • FHIR-17480 - Continuation from Q5 yesterday
    • "Required binding strength" text - extended discussion (see Jira comments and resolution text)
    • Motion by Lorraine Constable / Lloyd McKenzie For: 20 Against: 2 Abstain: 5

Address need for authoritative source url for code system (EG: for CDCREC) that is also used by publisher

  • FHIR-35857 - extended discussion
    • Specifically related to CDCREC - with non-resolvable url (e.g., urn:oid:xxxx)
    • 'authoritativeSource' extension to be added to CodeSystem (see Jira issue above)
    • Motion by Rob McClure / Ted Klein For: 24 Against: 0 Abstain: 2
    • Assign to Marc Duteau

Future work on terminology server ecosystem

Peter Jordan
  • Grahame Grieve drafted some material to be reviewed during this session
  • Reviewed Publishing terminology to the FHIR Ecosystem
  • Proposal to look at creating an ecosystem of trusted terminology servers
  • Servers need to behave in a consistent and conformant fashion
    • May leverage TerminologyCapabilities resource
  • Peter Jordan's approach in NZ - use local server and redirect to when needed
  • Consider scheduling BoF session at next WGM
  • Will need other discussion and decision prior to the WGM
  • Rob McClure - this is about governance
    • Grahame's valuable efforts often drive down a particular pathway - then at times subsequently need to move in a different direction
    • Should fall under the 2 new Implementation Division officers
  • Lorraine Constable - pain point for lots of projects
  • Lloyd McKenzie - need governance, but need to move forward in a timely fashion regardless of whether governance is yet in place
  • Davera Gabriel - absolutely want to see these activities in a Connectathon
    • Design time tooling vs. operation services - middle ground?
  • Peter Jordan - Technical and operational issues, need TerminologyCapabilities
    • Look particularly at consistency with $validate-code (to start)
  • Rute Martin's question:
    • Who's going to own this? Having a loose roadmap of when and where further discussions/connectathons will happen would be extremely helpful.
    • Davera - Connectathon
    • Peter - BoF
    • TSMG should own this (Peter J is a member)
  • Schedule an initial 90 min meeting - on a Vocab WG call
  • Peter J can bring this up on next week's International Council meeting

Action items

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