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Discussion items

3:10Meeting started
Publishing hosting Vocabulary

Publishing Work Group will be merged into Electronic Services and Tools

Current state of publishing vocabulary in HL7 specifications & future vision is a mock up of a page that will eventually be generated and provide access to UTG terminology pages - one of which will be V2

Current: V3 content from harmonization. V3 publishing requires a variety of tools. - generates a Core MIF file used as input to ballots.

Current: V2 processing is manual - Chapter 2C - starts with a word doc and then Frank updates the access database - then a word doc is published from Frank's database, quality checked, and then further updated in word (with meta information).

Current: FHIR V3 and V2 almost finished, Core MIF and Frank's database forwarded to GG who updates the V2 and V3 content on the FHIR site.

Vision for future publication:

All non-ballot bound vocabulary that can be updated outside of a specification will be maintained in UTG.

That content is then used when a product line needs to publish.

There is an V2 active project to update the publishing tools to source vocabulary from UTG. V3 is already using UTG to generate CoreMIF. FHIR will remove vocabulary information/details on ballot pages and provide a link to UTG.

Value Set Expansions are currently published in standards. UTG must be updated to provide expansions for publishing, etc.


Ted navigated around showing the V2 code systems and value sets

How to access the HL7 V2 Vocabulary

Unified Terminology Governance/ Server Content 0.1.3 (current implementation has V2 and V3 vocab in a zip file)

The plan going forward is to have options for V2, V3, FHIR downloads.

Future: V2 Code Systems and Value Sets will be versioned independent of the ballot (they are currently versioned with the V2 balloting cycle). UTG will make available a snapshot of what was current as of the standard publication date. (Note: future plans are to create a snapshot version of a V2 standard on a defined cycle - allows vocabulary to be updated)

V2 Publishing Post 2.9BrianFuture V2 specifications will be web based, and align with other product family models for updates to vocabulary.

References to Code Systems in published materialJane

Confirming that references to SNOMED CT international should be distinguished from SNOMED US Extension (NLM) for example.

Note: There are not any V2 Value Sets or bindings to SNOMED CT

Classifications of content
Code Systems, Value Sets, HL7 stewarded: UTG will publish everything available

Future publication Proposal of what post 2.9 publications could look like
3:00Meeting adjourned

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