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Attendance can be found Here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found Here

Discussion items

09:03R5 PlanningGrahame Grieve Product Director
  1. What resources coming forward in R5?
    1. Clarify supplement use
    2. Terminology service capabilities
    3. Concept Resource - granular resource to describe concepts in code systems to support editing in code systems. Could be useful to resolve multiple identifiers for concepts, etc.
  2. What are your intention for R5 (non binding)?
  3. Anything you would like to cull from R5?
    1. Nothing currently identified

Vocabulary will bring Concept Map forward as an R5 resource and clarify the distinction between Concept Map and CodeSystem Supplement.

Vocabulary will add a con call agenda item for discussing an initial Concept FHIR Resource.


FHIR Tracker Item Reconciliation

  • Tracker 19449 - See GForge for motion and vote.
  • Tracker 20010 - Tabled and will bring to HTA.
  • Tracker 19960 - See GForge for motion and vote

Understanding of and use case for abstract, not selectable and optional codes in value set expansions

What is the use case for abstract, not selectable and optional codes in value set expansions?

Not to be a domain discussion on whether the value 'should' be included for that use case, but a methodology discussion on whether these values are intended to carry code system information regarding the concept into the value set - i.e. the intended use of the concept.

Contains.abstract is included in the value set expansion.

Non-selectable codes need to be included in the value set for the purpose of navigation. Client can determine how the non-selectable codes are to be used.

Documentation uses the word 'abstract' in the normative documentation - now referred to as non-selectable.

Motion: Grahame Grieve:

  1. Add a paragraph to the value set resource that explains the use of non select able codes in value sets
  2. Comment explaining the use of the name abstract in value set expansion
  3. Consider whether we should extend the value set definition to determine if the code is selectable in value sets and bring back to the WG for consideration.

Second: Rob Hausam

Vote: 22-0-0


Timing for migration of FHIR non-ballot-bound items to

Ted Klein

Currently some code systems are built as part of the ballot generation process and are not in the UTG process.

Once UTG is established (i.e. publishing, qa'd, etc. - around the Montreal time frame.

Include a copy on non-restrictive content in UTG for reference where possible, even if the maintenance process is outside the UTG.


Strategy for identifiers for unified terminologies (poster child V3 Observation Interpretation and V2 table 0078, unified in July 2018 Harmonization)

Ted Klein

Need to carry over to next meeting

Discuss results of comparison completed by Vocab of VSD and FHIR
No time

Process for management of canonical URLs/URIs (Rob M.)

No time

FHIR defined terminology (ballot-bound) vs. non-ballot-bound material in FHIR

No time

Work to develop a single method to register code systems

No time

Implications of a normative code system, and normative resources 

No time

Action items

  • Add a con call agenda item for discussing an initial Concept FHIR Resource. Ted Klein Grahame Grieve
  • Tracker 20010 - Tabled and will bring to HTA. Grahame Grieve
  • Ted Klein Harm proposal for Designation Use Code System in FHIR for consumer friendly term and definition
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