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Attendance can be found Here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found Here

Discussion items

1:50meeting beginsRMThis is FHIR tracker items
1:54tracker itemsRob Hausam
  • GF#19522 consistency in element names, ticketed by Carmels. Rob H moves that this is a breaking change and we will go with the documented resolution, Ted seconds. Vote 5/3/2 motion carries. Note that there seems no clear path to poll the community to change this. Reuben notes that if a different breaking change to CodeSystem surfaces and is approved for R5, that this one be brought back and revoted.
  • GF #16485 needing version. Extensive discussion, motion documented in item.
  • GF #19449 marked as awaiting further input
  • GF #15737 part gone away as Profile is gone. to action this ticket, change ConceptMap now (cardinaltiy of identifier issue). Documented in the tracker. Carried unanimously.
  • GF #19448 value set binding in the resource. Documentation of the discussion and decision is in the tracker item.
  • GF #19960 name of a new code to indicate 'consumer friendly' or 'patient friendly' or whatever. Details in tracker. Stays open pending further work.


Action items

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