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Discussion items


Ted Klein

and Keith Campbell

  • Desire to do a connectathon amongst a bunch of groups. Want to run this past Vocab for blessing.
  • Connection wants to demonstrate an approach for dealing with patients from multiple organisations capturing patient information in SNOMED CT extensions, concept overlapping, etc. Dealing with is causing issues for patients.
  • If successful, this could be extended to international.
  • Goal is to keep it simple - not assuming properly SNOMED CT. And this may include local codes.
  • Current participants have asserted a willingness to share.
  • Connectathon limited to these organisations. Will be self funded.
  • Requirement is an acknowledgement of interest from HL7.
    • Keith moves that the Vocab committee express an interest in the connectathon being arranged by John Hopkins, Kaiser Permanente, Veterans Health Administration, the DOD, and the Inter Agency Program Office. Keith confirmed that the connectathon organisers will report back to the Vocabulary committee on outcomes.
    • Ted seconds the motion.
    • Motion carries unanimously 11-0-0

Project 1325 Value set expansion

  • RobM: Expansion project has been focused on FHIR because FHIR is operation and deterministic through testing.
  • Ted: expansions are complex and these are hard problems.
  • Ted: We do not have an information model for expansions.
  • Reuben: Querying why the FHIR ValueSet does not qualify as an information model for Expansion. Ted responds to say when "pressed on" the FHIR ValueSet does not support all the use cases for expansion.
  • Keith: We need an identifier and a coordinate (who the expansion was computed) for ValueSet expansion (the list of concepts). If you're not willing to have that, good luck to you.
  • Ted: Packaged and maintained separately as separate objects. This leads to complexity
  • Reuben: Note a missing coordinate from the FHIR ValueSet - missing software version.
  • Keith: Coordinate
    • stamp coordinate: current in this module at this point in time.
    • language coordinate: which language
    • logic coordinate: inferred or stated?
    • manifold coordinate - for all this info, do I want the stated or inferred, language, stamp, etc.
    • machinery/server coordinate - which software generated the expansion. 
    • With complete set of coordinates - you should get the same expansion.
  • Keith: failure to declare these dependencies leads to patient safety.
  • RobH: Are we going to have a motion to resolve this? If so, suggestion is to take existing guidance for out parameters from expand operations and extend or change this to meet requirements.
  • Ted: We recognise that we need components of how the value set expansion was created. There are patient safety implications. We have the start and need to keep working on this.
2:43pmWhat identifiers for expansionsAll
  • RobM:
    • For FHIR, expansion identifiers are "not what people are doing".
    • In FHIR expansion is a ValueSet resource.
    • I have a problem with expansion ValueSet.url = definition's ValueSet.url

  • Reuben: describes approaches in Australia to address above issue. i.e. ValueSet.url includes the ValueSet version.

Action items

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