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Attendance can be found Here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found Here

Discussion items

20 MinsAgenda ReviewAllUpdated chair and scribing responsibilities
10 MinsHTA UpdateAll
  • Julie James is now HTA Chair, with Heather Grain as Vice Chair
  • Clarified that HTA reports to TSC, not directly to the board
  • Progress was made on the policy statement for deprecated code systems. Updates were made and approved by the HTA. Updated policy will be brought back for discussion with Vocab on Wednesday Q4
5 MinsPBS MetricsAll

Ted reported due to issues with how errors were being reported, Vocab did not receive a gold star.

5 minsLiason with SNOMEDAllWayne and Jane will continue to be official points of contact between HL7 and SNOMED

AdjournedAllMeeting adjourned at 4:40 pm

Action items

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