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Attendance can be found Here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found Here

Discussion items


Do attendance

Presentation also shared with CIMI participants via Stan Huff's Webex: Joey Coyle, Andrea Pikus

15:35Policy on use of deprecated code systemsCarol

Review deprecated code system policy as discussed at HTA. Minor modifications of the document were reviewed.

HTA agreed that this is a policy that is currently under the prevue of the Vocabulary work group

Final document will be presented to TSC

Motion to approve Rob M. / Ted K. 19/2/0


Susan Matney

Keith Campbell

Nathan Davis


Susan - overview

Keith - main presenter

Discussion on how SOLOR extensions can be made available. There is interest in CIMI where the extension can be "shared and reviewed" perhaps even used, before being promoted to the International edition of SNOMED CT or LOINC. To enable this the extension needs to be "shared in a way that is equivalent to how these other code systems are consumed."

Agree that Susan will establish CIMI/Vocab call - last time was 4p ET Friday.

16:37UTG and possible alignment to SOLOR/CIMITed

Overview of UTG.

Ted wants to figure out how to integrate CIMI content where necessary.


For VSAC to support SOLOR content. For this to work the following are needed:

  1. Determine what UMLS IP category the SOLOR content is covered by
  2. Confirm the Authority for this
  3. Clarify and help NLM support the inclusion of a SNOMED CT extension in VSAC
  4. Political will to get the work done
16:55FHIR CIMI contentNathan

CIMI content is based on US Core

Action items

  •  Ted Klein to work with Susan Matney to determine how to align UTG with CIMI artifacts to support common publishing
  • Set up joint CIMI Vocab call to help with review of workSusan Matney

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