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On this page I'd like entries that need to be addressed by the project. This begins as a listing of likely overlapping but currently used named characterizations of sex or gender.


Perhaps first, we should decide how to use each of the phrases SEX versus GENDER.

From the web: "Although the words gender and sex both have the sense ‘the state of being male or female,’ they are typically used in slightly different ways: sex tends to refer to biological differences, while gender refers to cultural or social ones."

See the Gender & Sex Definitions page.

One approach to deciding how to use these two phrases is to decide:

  1. Can we use the phrase GENDER IDENTITY to mean what the definitions refer to as "Gender"? Then...
  2. Can we use the phrase SEX to mean all uses of gender other than Gender Identity?

Articles of interest

Contexts of use

Each major context-use of sex/gender will be discussed on a linked sub-page. Yes, these will all overlap for most of us. We need a definition that characterizes what each useful context should take into consideration, how it is to be used, and what are the valid values (see Gender Harmony Project Goals.)

We still need to get an inventory of model needs/uses/characterizations for Sex and gender. We could use some help in determining this for any - in use model: C-CDA, FHIR, V2-X12, IHE, CDC reporting, MedDRA, etc.

Birth Sex

What does this mean? Can this be applied universally with realm-specific subtypes?

Administrative Sex

Administrative Gender

Chromosomal Sex

Birth Certificate Sex

Phenotypic Sex

Physiologic Sex

Biologic Sex

Gender Identity

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