January 2021 Informative Ballot here

Outline (sections delegated at 2020.10.29 HL7 Balloting Sub-Committee Meeting)

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Initial Ballot document here.

Final ballot without HL7 HQ changes applied download here

Current Google Doc version of ballot material is available here but because of nuances in how GD manages access we currently have restricted access to the document to named editors. Please set the editing mode to "Suggesting." If you pick and can not see the document please send an email to Rob McClure asking for access and indicate if you just want to view, or if you are willing to edit. We expect to make available a version that all can see as the initial draft by that initial deadline of 11/15.

  1. Introduction 
    1. Background (Chris G)
      1. Social 
      2. Technical (Rob McClure)
    2. Scope of proposed solution (Andrea Downey per Oct 19 HL7 Balloting Sub-Committee Agenda Points)
      1. Included 
        1. per 3.0 below, AND
        2. Name to use, 3 b.iii, below (Section 1.0, Bullet 1)
        3. Third person pronouns, 3 b. iv, below (Section 2.0, Bullet 1)
      2. Not included
        1. Salutations (Section 2.0, Bullet 2)
        2. Sex assigned at birth (Section 4.0, Bullet 1)
        3. Clinical gender (Section 4.0, Bullet 2)
    3. Intended audience (Rob McClure)
      1. SDO
      2. Regulatory
      3. EHR vendors
      4. Clinical implementers
  2. Current state (Rob McClure, except where noted)
    1. Model
      1. FHIR Cooper Thompson , DICOM Robert Horn , C-CDA Cooper Thompson, HL7 V2 Cooper Thompson , NCPDP
    2. Terminology
    3. Impact of HIT sex and gender data on clinical care
    4. Quality measure needs
    5. Data analysis needs
  3. Model
    1. Introduce Sex and Gender Context Definitions (Andrea Downey, from Confluence)
    2. Model element description (each will have an example) (Robert Horn  except where noted)
      1. Gender Identity (GI)
        1. Structure
        2. Proposed terminology
      2. Sex for Clinical Use (SFCU)
        1. What do we really mean by this
        2. Structure
        3. Proposed terminology
      1. Recorded Sex and Gender
        1. Structure
        2. Proposed terminology
        3. What do we want that already exists, placed here
        4. How is this used when aligning with requirements 
      2. Name to use 
      3. Third person pronouns (Andrea Downey)
    1. General terminology expectations

4. Informative section

a. Proposed approach to adoption of the model in other systems

i. FHIR Person Cooper Thompson

ii. DICOM Robert Horn

iii. blah

iv. terminology standards

5. Appendices

a. GI survey Rob McClure except where noted

i. Original survey PDF (Rob McClure to link to the instructions (w/ table) and questions from Roz (without responses)

ii. Summary of survey findings (Please link to Sub-committee report presented October 19, 2020)

b. Summary of Sex and Gender representations found (as above) 

c. what else?

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  1. Updated link to draft ballot Google Document that is the basis for editing and producing the final ballot material.

  2. Hi Caroline Macumber - Looks great! 

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