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Attendance can be found Here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found Here

Discussion items

  • Withdrawal or reaffirmation of CTS2 spec

The room was asked if anyone is known to be using this standard.  Mayo and some others are thought to be using it.  Harold Solbrig will not object to withdrawl..

The problem with withdrawl is that the standard 'disappears' .  The problem is that when a standard is withdrawn, it can't be found any more and the work is being used and includes useful information.  Rob McClure confirmed that he will ensure that those potential users are 

there is a template to be completed - either PSS to withdraw, 

Motion:  to take the second path in the withdrawal guidance chart - submit a PSS for withdrawl with a comment only process, then republish it as a non standard document.

Moved Rob McClure, Seconded Carmela Couderc

Yes 13, No 0, Abstain 0.

13 Present plus chair   Motion Passed

Carmela A. Couderc to prepare the PSS.

  • Note FHIR (GG) interest in exploring additional FHIR binding types. Plus impact of use of expansions for a single value set definition that change over time and impact on use for data queries with data recorded over time.

Agreed with FHIR I to convene a separate meeting to meet with Vocab and ICG to advance this discussion.

  • need to reexamine the existing value set binding strength and its implementability and the conformance issues associated with binding.
  • the issues arise particularly as value set and code system content change over time.
  • retrieval issues are also part of the issues

There is a need to be able to support temporal concepts more consistently and clearly in binding

12:30meeting closed.

Action items


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