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This page has been archived on 3/31/2020 because these critical tasks have been addressed. Additional content-related tasks are still viewable on UTG Project Tasks

This page lists critical tasks that must be complete prior to kicking off content testing. Green = DONE.

  1. Create new UTG properties Code System for UTG. Add new common properties to the existing FHIR properties 
    1. This needs to be unified
    2. Adjust URIs for the properties accordingly 
  2. Add missing Concept Domains properties to UTG concept properties Code System
  3. Create instructions for Content Testing (in progress - see Participating in UTG Content Testing)
    1. This includes test scripts, required materials, installation instructions for RoseTree (required for V3 content QA), etc.
    2. Remaining tasks include making resource assignments, finalizing test scripts

Tasks previously marked as critical, but no longer deemed critical to start testing. These will still be complete prior to Release 1:

  1. Define the extensions (in progress - approach has been defined)
    1. See   for current extension definitions
    2. Definitions need to be ready for Grahame (specifically for those extensions to be modified)
    3. Note that testing no longer is dependent on extensions since they are not render-able 
  2. Implement fixes to CDA content (in progress)
    1. List received from Alexander and Lisa
    2. The manifest will be manually edited to accomplish this (manifests no longer updated programatically)
    3. Also need to hand edit one Concept Domain
    4. Note that this is not required for the manual content check as CDA depends on V3 content. Programmatic assessment to take place to ensure CDA content is included as specified
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