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Use Case Description:

When a baby is born, the clinician must record the "sex" of the baby and that is entered into the birth certificate and the patient's record.


Neonate patient for which the record is assigned 

The clinician who "assigns" the sex category for the patient in the EHR record and also in the birth certificate

ABA: The Standard Certificate of Live Birth must also be certified by a medical professional who was present at the birth or performed an examination. Typically, the Standard Certificate of Live Birth is completed by the parents of the child, then certified by a medical professional, and submitted to the state, county, or municipality, which will issue the final birth certificate document back to the individual.

Scope Statement:

"Birth sex" datum.

Clinical observations optionally also recorded (phenotype observations such as external genitalia, potentially sex-related lab work.)

birth certificate

SFCU could be recorded

Out of scope would be any "gender" datum

Name to use.

Pronouns  - how to determine what to use?


A birth (live or deceased)


when the set of data elements in play are recorded


Alternative and/or related Workflow(s):

Alignment and/or Misalignment with Gender Harmony Model:

Current Standard Support:

  • HL7 V2.x   
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  • HL7 V3
V3 Resource:
  • HL7 FHIR
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DICOM Resource:
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  • X12
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Required Additional Standard Support:

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