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  • Vote on Notice of Intent to Ballot
  • Review material from subgroup summarization of the Gender Identity Survey
  • Review output of subgroup analysis of Sex Gender content analysis

Discussion items

10Ballot ProcessRob/Carol
  • Notice of Intent to Ballot (NIB) is in progress. Rob has drafted and Carol is editing
  • Balloting process purposely allows for the NIB to be "imperfect" and the ballot material to be improved by the project team after submission via the ballot feedback process.
  • Logical model won't formally be part of the Informative Specificaiton...but, including a draft of how the recommendations could be represented in a logical model, would be a nice addition to garner feedback
  • By not submitting a normative specification, conformance and conformance testing is not possible, thus there is a danger of implementers ignoring the recommendations.
    • However, we can look to suggest changes to normative standards (e.g. FHIR) aligned with the GH recommendations
20NIB reviewRob/Carol
  • NIB submission content was reviewed and adjusted
  • Motion to approve the NIB by Tom Kuhn, Second by Clair Kronk - Motion passes: 19-0-0
  • NIB to be voted on by Vocabulary WG next week.
20Subgroup report outAJCL

Action items