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3:30PM EST (UTC-5).  Quorum  as of 3:36 PM EDT.  Call completed at 5:02PM EST



None received

Planned Agenda Topics and Notes

  1. Roll call and Agenda check (Chair)
    Move the PSS discussion earlier in the agenda
    Still waiting for information from HQ about moving to zoom for our conference call.   Information will be distributed if we hear anything.

  2. Announcements (all)
    •  San Antonio WGM is cancelled.
    • Many folks working on HL7 and standard terminology support for the high pressure efforts around the globe related to the pandemic.

  3. Action Items Check  (Chair)
    1. We acknowledge that we need to take care of the items on this list. Rob asks that co-chairs especially review their action items and resolve or update
    2. Attendees and especially chairs are again urged to finish and check off their action items.
  4. San Antonio WGM Agenda Planning (Chair)
    Can be found here.  
    1. The San Antonio WGM has been cancelled
    2. We need to work on how and on what schedule we will do virtual sessions
      1. We are expected to set up any joint meetings we want. We need a list of our joints and plan accordingly. There is supposed to be a page to help.
    3. United tickets purchased in March (post-March 2) will not incur a change fee if changed due to the virus 
    4. Initial approach for Vocab:
      1. The WGM is fully cancelled; no announced plans for postponement or virtualization
      2. Joint meetings that were planned are encouraged to set something up in some way
      3. The ballot will continue as originally scheduled
      4. The TSC stated that we CAN do virtual meetings to perform the work that was planned for San Antonio
      5. We will continue refining the topics and the times on this slot on our next call in two weeks.

  5. UTG Update (Carol/Jess/Ted)
    1. Discussion/Decision items
      1. The plan is STILL to:
        1. Do the final import from the source (coremif for V3, database for V2, FHIR current build code system externals tab for FHIR) early next week
        2. Do the final cleanup after the last import during next week
        3. Do the Initial Publication Release of UTG content April 7 or a shortly afterwards
        4. Launch the Live Pilot April 13
        5. Complete pilot in 1-2 weeks maximum
        6. Go over where we are with TSC and CTO, and seek Go-Live decision
        7. Announce Go-Live to membership and "turn it on" expect early to mid-May
    2. Status
      1. All information is posted on the  UTG confluence pages and immediate priorities are on UTG Project Tasks broken down by milestone (i.e. publish Release 1 of content)

    3. Immediate Priorities
      1. Working through dependencies for Release 1 of UTG Content, see the first two tables in UTG Project Tasks for tasks that need to be done prior to publishing Release 1

      2. Pilot prep - gathering list of proposals/submitters for Pilot
        1. For Pilot test change proposals for the HL7 Terminology source of truth, we only want those proposals that have been endorsed explicitly and deliberately by the sponsoring WGs
        2. Vocab Co-chairs have been given reviewer permissions on Jira and are also in the Vocab OSG voting group (requirement for approval)
        3. Still need to hear back from Rob M, Rob H and Sheila/Austin about NIBs to determine if they need to be in Pilot as well
      3. Verbiage for rendered pages needs updated prior to the Pilot
    4. Recent Progress
      1. Continued to address various content issues
        1. Issues from content testing are done
        2. Currently going through list of issues reported by the IG build and addressing them
      2. HTA approved motion to remove four NUBC Code Systems and HCPCS from UTG
        1. Discussions continue on how that affects CoreMIF generation
      3. Making progress on allowing submission of "Open Issues" in the UTG Jira project
      4. Also working on process to bypass Consensus Review for certain types of proposals 
    5. Support needed from Vocab

      1. Verbiage for rendered content pages. NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS TOPIC (Rob M. suggests something stronger than volunteering) -

  6. Sean M on question about how to reference value sets in an IG - included within the IG build or external?
    1. This is mostly related to how the IGPublisher works.  
    2. IGPublisher automatically addresses the value sets that pre-exist in FHIR R4.
    3. There are a few 'tricks' that can be done in the IG 
      1. You can point to a different terminology server that supports the new material.  
      2. There are a few other tricks as well; Rob Hausam has employed a few in IGs he has worked on
      3. This is probably a really good topic for an upcoming Connectathon
      4. Rob Hausam and Peter Jordan and Rob McClure will plan to talk a bit more about this as well, and report. back on our next call
      5. There may be some tricks related to the canonical URI; perhaps some list of the servers to be used for objects with that URL root?  Other ideas.

  7. FHIR Tracker Items (Rob Hausam)
    1. Carmela and Rob H. reviewed open JIRAs related to the CodeSystem resource and have 4 open tickets identified as ready to vote. 
    2. Not yet progress on update of ConceptMap
    3. All folks are requested to join the every other Thursday calls on this topic because without attendees no decisions can be made.  The calls alternative with these main Vocab calls.
    4. Tabled, out of time.   Next call

  8. Standardized Terminology Knowledge Base PSS (Carol/ Ioana Singureanu)
    1. Updated per feedback at Sydney WGM
    2. Vocabulary WG members are asked to take a look at the PSS and think about this approach and what is intended to come out of it
    3. We had a lengthy discussion and all agreed it should be on the normative track instead of inforative.  All agreed it is good and needs to move forward.
    4. Ioana moves that the PSS be approved as an STU to Normative ballot, Rob McClure seconds.    No further discussion.  Vote:  8/0/0, motion carries unanimously.  
      1. Document on the PSS template page to be updated as discussed and agreed.

  9. Gender Harmony Project Update (Carol/Rob M) 
    Project is progressing.   Working on figuring out "default values" for the 3 notions.   Every call and meeting progress is being made.   Unknown if a document will be ready for ballot in September or not, all these items turn out to be harder than folks think once one begins digging into them.    Folks with questions or suggestions are urged to go to the Confluence page for the project.
    An AMIA panel topic was submitted for this in mid-November around HIMSS.

  10. Liaison Reports   
    1. ISO (Ted) - Next ISO TC 215 meeting as virtual only Zoom meeting held this week.  Closing meeting will be tomorrow.  Fall 2020 meeting tentatively scheduled to be in India in October, but unknown what the status is.

    2. LOINC (Ted/Rob H) - Focus now is rapid release on the new release terms page at LOINC Prerelease page to support the emerging SARS-COV2 and Covid-19 tests.  Rob McClure is trying to get a conversation going on consistency in idetification released terminologies that contain pre-release terms.   

    3. HTA (Carol/Reuben) - tabled, we are out of time.

    4. SNOMED (Rob H/Reuben/Peter) - tabled, we are out of time.

  11. New Business
    1. No new business

  12. Next call items
    1. Plan to have a slot devoted to the CPG profiles guidelines

The call was ended and adjourned at 5:04PM EDT.  Next call scheduled for Thursday April 16, 2020 at 3:30PM Eastern US Time.   Same call and screen share credentials.

Action items