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  • Final Sydney planning - how to attend remotely. Note - we may change the meeting time.
  • Review and perhaps improve the Sex For Clinical Use definition.
  • Begin review of use case examples

Discussion items

  • Sydney planning: Changed Time to 

    Tuesday 2/4/20 Quarter 1 (9:00a - 10:30a = 5pm US EST Monday 2/3/20) Vocabulary room (which specific room TBD)

  • May start up next cycle on Feb 17, same time.
 20 m Sex For Clinical Use definition
Discussed and updated definition material
  • Begin review of use case examples
Rob and Rob

Reviewed Use Case from the overall document and created page with the material

  • All agreed the use case included sufficiently covered important issues
  • Current approach with Gender Identity and Sex for clinical use met the needs required.

Action items

  • Unknown User (mastertaj) To work on an improved phrase for "Diverse" as a sex category to be used in Sex for clinical use. This should capture the fact this represent a normal variation from the typical Male or Female. 
  • Unknown User (mastertaj)  To add a link for a paper describing stigma associated with what we are currently calling Diverse, including Intersex.