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Time:  3:30PM EST (UTC-5)

Duration: 90 minutes

NOTE - this is the last call before the San Antonio WGM!

Screen Share and Audio Connection

Online Meeting Link: 
Online Meeting ID: vocab 
International Dial-in Numbers:

Audio if not using the built-in VOIP with computer mic and speakers:

Phone Number: +1 605-472-5280
Participant Passcode: 495389

  • Planned Agenda Items

    1. Roll call and Agenda check
    2. Announcements
      1. VSAC released new UI for intensional value set definitions (graphical interface)
        1. Available in the VSAC API, but will not be supported in the FHIR API for the San Antonio Connectathon and WGM
        2. FHIR API support will be available sometime this year
        3. Suggest encouraging VSAC to make it happen!
    3. Vocabulary WG Action Items (separate list from calls and the last three WGMs, see running list)
      1. Request for remote access for Monday Q1
      2. Also Wed Q1?
    4. San Antonio Agenda Planning (Carol Macumber)
    5. Cleanup finalizing of the legacy code system update policy and review (Ted, Carol)

    6. TermInfo Sept. 2018 Informative ballot (link)
      1. Passed ballot (82.88%) - haven't yet resolved comments (1 Neg))
      2. Publication plan 
      3. Out of time on call today - will plan to address comment resolutions in San Antonio Monday Q1
    7. FHIR items (Rob Hausam)
      1. Plan for addressing ConceptMap equivalence issues
        1. Set up calls? - discussion scheduled for San Antonio Monday Q1
      2. Open trackers
        1. Briefly reviewed open trackers - out of time for addressing further trackers on the call today 
      3. GF#19449 Summary: Additional constraint regarding default code system version 
        1. Support this in principle - Reuben will check with Grahame and others to determine if is feasible to write this constraint in a way that is supported with the current tooling (Zulip discussion may be useful).
    8. Glossary Project (Heather Grain) - no update as Heather is not on the call
    9. Liaison Reports
      1. FTSD/SGB (Russ Hamm)
        1. No recent calls - no updates.
      2. LOINC and TC215 (Ted Klein) - Ted not on call
      3. IHTSDO (Jim Case)
        1. Still need to confirm if Jim will continue to be the liaison with SNOMED Intl. - discuss Sunday Q4 in San Antonio.
      4. HTA (Heather Grain)
        1. Rob M. - no update at present.  Will be discussed in San Antonio.  Sandy Stuart is no longer a member.  Sylvia Thun and Susan Matney are new members.
    10. New Business 

Action items