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Call commenced at 3:36Z PM EDT when quorum was reached.

Discussion items  (note items in RED are to be addressed during the call and notes afterwards)





1Roll call and Agenda checkRuss Hamm

No agenda changes. No new business.

  • Work on the UTG Prototype has begun. Development continuing with input from Ted as needed. Requirements on Confluence here: UTG Persistence Model Notes
  • Rob McClure - Update of C-CDA Value Sets Release scheduled for June 15th, 2018. List of what changes occurred will not be provided. Users of those Value Sets need to determine what the changes are and if those changes effect them.
  • Joel - Clinical Genomics WG is looking for a Vocabulary Liaison.
    • Russell Hamm to investigate rules for Vocabulary Facilitator assignments.

Action Item Updates

(See running action list)

Russ Hamm
  • Reviewed and Updated


Baltimore Agenda Planning (Russ Hamm)

Russ Hamm
  •  Updates made

FHIR Items

(from the FHIR tracker item calls)

Russ Hamm

Rob Hausam

  • 93 New open items. 40ish are negative.
  • Allow Zulip chat items to continue, and tackle ballot items on this call. No list available for this call.
  • 12 Items from Maycore that are marked in Person (Carol, Rob, and Jay)
  • FHIR Tracker items compeleted in

Glossary Project


Heather Grain/Susan Barber
  • Did not get to this item

Liaison Reports

LOINC and TC215: Ted

HTA: Heather

FTSD & SGB: Russ


  • Did not get to this item

New Business



  • For next call
    • Continue discussion on delegating the FHIR vocabulary tracker item dispositions to the FHIR group (Vocab WG call) 
    • New project to re-ballot Using SNOMED-CT in CDA-R2 as Informative (currently an expired DSTU).


Call adjourned at 5:07PM EDT.  Next conference call scheduled for two weeks hence on June 14, 2018 at 3:30PM EDT (UTC-4; the clocks in most of North America will have changed to Summer Time March 11). 

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