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These are the outstanding action items from the results of Vocabulary WG Conference Calls.   These are used as preparation for the next conference call, and discussion during that call.

Running List of Action Items from Conference calls:

  • Add a FHIR tracker item relative to the Versioning item open issues from the April 22 concall (Ted Klein)
  • Update the Project Insight entry for 1247 (Robert Hausam) - Rob H. - still open.  Disposition of project to be resolved at Jan 2018 WGM (20180128).  HQ indicates that expired DSTU's need to go back to ballot as Informative if we choose to ballot at that level (Using SNOMED-CT in CDA-R2). NIB Deadline is in July, 2018, possible to ballot in September - This would be a small, separate project.
  • Begin moving project documentation (Robert Hausam) - Not yet started (20180128) - Related to above.
  • Add new column VocWGdecision to the Glossary spreadsheet and distribute the updated sheet with the finalized definition for Code System to the list for the next call (Heather) - In progress.  Worksheet can be found at (Draft Glossary).  Needs to be updated by Heather (20180128)  This document is updated and maintained with the SKMT after every call where decisions are made and this work reviewed.  It is currently up to date.  Action complete
  • Continue discussion on delegating the FHIR vocabulary tracker item dispositions to the FHIR group (Vocab WG call) - Ongoing (20180128)
  • Set up Glossary Project call to go over items (Heather) -  (20180128) Heather Grain - determine resolution in the glossary session in New Orleans  Project is set up with latest versions of data - calls will not be held separate to those of the Vocabulary WG as this was tried and not effective.  Action completed.

Action Items from the January 2017 WGM in San Antonio:

All are complete.

Action Items from the May 2017 WGM in Madrid:

  • 6. Heather will take the MetaReq 11179 related document and send it to the Vocabulary WG for comment along with the comment form.  Send comments back to Heather who will collate the comments and submit to ISO.(Heather) - Done.
  • 7.  V2 versioning: (Ted) - In work
  •  a.     Generate content for each table indicating if it is structural or non-structural - Done
  •  b.     Provide a short guidance document on best practice  - Awaiting versioning description from Robert Hausam  Ted Klein UTG Related)

All are complete.

8.  All co-chairs with responsibilities to check status on project insight and check TSC updates.(All) - Ongoing

Action Items from the September 2017 WGM in San Diego:

  • 1.  A request will be sent to Don Lloyd to get a link to the Lantana document on the VSAC value sets cleanup (Rob McClure) - Status unknown (20180128)  Moot.
  • 3.  Meet with Ted and Russ to document the mapping between the proposed UTG tooling and the VSAC (Rob McClure, Ted Klein Russell Hamm) - To be done in New Orleans (20180128) Meet when Ted returns from China.
  • 5.  Document the coordination between UTG and Art Decor as discussed with Kai in Cologne (Ted Klein) - To be done in New Orleans (20180128)
  • 6.  Review the VSAC Lantana document (all vocab chairs) - Status unknown (20180128)   Moot.
  • 7.  Schedule follow up discussion on multiple identifiers and versioning for vocabulary artifacts (Rob McClure) - Needs to be scheduled (20180128). Initial discussions listed here.
  • 11. Create a FHIR Change Request to mine Core Principles for vocab guidance that should be propagated to FHIR and to withdraw Core Prinicples R3 (Lloyd) -

Parked Items list from the past:

From the Chicago September 2014 WGM:

6.  Review and prepare tutorial specification for Binding course (Heather and Ted) – Pending 


We have been unable to make progress on these for 1 year.

From the San Antonio January 2015 WGM:

28.  Rob Snelick agreed to undertake the task of writing paragraph(s) on value set constraining in implementation guides that can be included in chapter 2c for V2.9 for CGIT.  Ted Klein to prepare maps to version 3 vocabulary model to version 2 vocabulary content section (Ted and Rob Snelick) – Pending



We have been unable to make progress on these for 1 year.

From the Paris May 2015 WGM:

30.  Develop guidance and explanations around use of Null Flavor with Grahame and Lloyd (Ted) – unable to progress

34.  Extract tables project status and minutes from the vocab minutes, repost to CGIT separately, validate against spreadsheet (Ted) – never done



From the Montreal May 2016 WGM:

3.  Get moving on project 1056 (V2 examples update) to prepare for the 2.9 ballot (Ted) - never done


Was never able to do this prior to the ballot open.  Depending upon the outcome of the 2.9 ballot, we may either cancel this project or work on it for the next ballot cycle.

From the Montreal May 2016 WGM:

2.  Update the wiki for TermInfo to more clearly group information (Rob H) – A new approach will be taken, this particular item can be parked.



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