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Contact the TI Co-Chairs: Via distribution listserv @ ti-cc@lists.hl7.org

Vocabulary Maintenance at HL7 (UTG)

Vocabulary Maintenance at HL7 after Q2 2020 will be done through the new Unified Terminology Governance (UTG) process.  The detailed information for user on-boarding, harmonization tools and workflow processes, and education an documentation materials can be found HERE.

HL7 Terminology Authority (HTA)

The HL7 Terminology Authority, as a subcommittee of the Terminology Services Management Group (TSMG) is responsible for the creation, implementation, and management of HL7 processes involving external terminology management. The activities of the HTA are intended to complement maintenance of terminology that is used by HL7 protocol specifications.  HTA works through the TSMG to implement processes or polices that impact Working Groups. To contact the HTA, see additional details on the HTA Confluence page.


To identify, organize and maintain coded vocabulary terms used in HL7 information structures, provide clear documented guidelines on the principles of vocabulary content and structure to support the retention of meaning over time, and to maintain the HL7 Vocabulary Model and guidance of the use of Vocabulary in HL7 Standards.


Position: Executive Vice President
Department: Services
Location: Clinical Architecture

Phone: +13039266771
Position: President
Department: MD Partners, Inc.

Phone: +61 408 749 769
IM: Skype: reubendaniels
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Position: Branch Chief, Terminology Content and Delivery
Department: US HHS, ONC

Phone: +12034312530 x149
IM: Skype: jessica.snell8
Position: Director, Content and Product Services
Department: Apelon, Inc.
Location: Florida, USA

For official list of co-chairs and their terms, please see the main hl7 website page here





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Task List

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
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Publication Request Checklist- CDA Gender Harmony Sex and Gender Representation
  • CMG Confirmed
Publication Request Checklist- CDA Gender Harmony Sex and Gender Representation
Marc DuteauSept 2023 - HL7 WGM - Terminology Infrastructure - Tuesday Q2 Minutes
  • Rob McClure will retire the HL7 informative document: gender harmony - modeling sex and gender representation

Rob McClureSept 2023 - HL7 WGM - Terminology Infrastructure - Tuesday Q2 Minutes
Carmela A. Couderc2023-08-23 TI Chair Agenda/Minutes
Carmela A. Couderc2023-08-16 TI Chair Agenda/Minutes
Carmela A. Couderc2023-08-09 TI Chair Agenda/Minutes
Carmela A. Couderc2023-08-02 TI Chair Agenda/Minutes
Carmela A. Couderc2023-07-26 TI Chair Agenda/Minutes
Carmela A. Couderc2023-07-19 TI Chair Agenda/Minutes
Carmela A. Couderc2023-07-12 TI Chair Agenda/Minutes
Carmela A. Couderc2023-07-05 TI Chair Agenda/Minutes
Carmela A. Couderc2023-06-28 TI Chair Agenda/Minutes
Carmela A. Couderc2023-06-21 TI Chair Agenda/Minutes
  • @MK Research.  RM, seems like there are many 'ready to apply' that are missing vote dates. Can we apply? How to confirm? MK research for tomorrows lead call
2023-06-12 Gender Harmony Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • MK - Update Tranche page - 5/15/ & 5/29 (Today's votes do not need to go into TI block vote. Update on confluence pages, update votes.
2023-06-05 Gender Harmony Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Put on the CDA subgroup for tomorrow:   OTHER-2485 - Getting issue details... STATUS
2023-02-21 RSG Meeting notes
  • Type your task here, using "@" to assign to a user and "//" to select a due date
2023-02-14 RSG Meeting notes
  • Reuben Daniels Submit ticket to FHIR-I for tooling changes to enforce rules on disallowing example and preferred bindings for the 'code' data type (also need to consider for extensible?).
Reuben DanielsMay 2023 - HL7 WGM - Monday Q2 Minutes
  • In the GHIG add a sentence in the description that if an internationalEquivalent is to be exchanged, how to do it.
2023-01-30 Gender Harmony Meeting Agenda and Notes

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