This page outlines the process for submitting a vocabulary change proposal using the UTG process and includes links to detailed documentation for completing each step of the process.

Proposals are submitted using a Jira-based workflow that is open to the community. Automated checks and validations ensure that the content meets proposal requirements. The proposal goes through a consensus workflow to come to a resolution. If approved, the use of the GitLab branching allows simplified integration into the HL7 Terminology (THO) continuous integration build.

To submit a change proposal:

If you already have access to HL7 Jira with Submitter permissions, you may skip section Get access to Jira UTG Proposal site

If you are currently an IG developer and use GitHub, Command-line interface, and edit XML resource files without trepidation, you can bypass a lot of this custom tooling designed for those who do not have the skills.

Please see Submitting Change Proposals for Advanced and Experienced IG Developers.

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