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Approved by Steering and probably continuing as before:

The project teams that conducted the January Connectathon may be subject to change - the May objectives listed here are the outcome from the the January report back.

The January effort was focused on getting the process going and gaining some experience. Generating an Implementation Guide is a primary requirement of all Vulcan projects.  This requires a formal HL7 Project Scope Statement and IG Approval process.  These steps have now been started.  

1) RWD 

  • Better test server / focus on a specific cohort
  • How to get the medication list – fuzzy logic

2) SoA

  • Update the IG
  • Investigate terminology servers
  • Represent an MDR and EDC in FHIR
  • Involve more vendors
  • Integrating EHR events with the Schedule of activities

3) Phenopackets

  • IG development
  • add ability to add new mappings

4) MedicationDefinition

  • Status for May undecided

Approved by Steering but not started

Items here still need to have a project team constituted and the exact aims and objectives established.  The requirement for Implementation Guide, Project Scope Statement and IG Approval mentioned above also apply here.

5) AE reporting


These are suggestions that have recently been made - they have not been discussed or scoped by Operations Committee or Steering

6) Consent - need to try out mechanism for Informed Consent - especially multiple consents within a trial and subject on multiple trials

7) Subject identification and anonymity - has been topic of much conversation but no practical testing - should result in both an IG and a white paper

8) Representation of inclusion and exclusion criteria

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