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Primary activities of the Version 2 Management Group, as identified within the Business Architecture Model (BAM) include:

  • Planning aspects of product line/family changes
  • Developing and maintaining an inventory of products in the product family (inclusive of more detailed components)
  • Assessing and approving product line-specific project proposals for submission to the TSC
  • Assessing and approving publishing requests for submission to the TSC
  • Creating Product recommendations
  • Ensuring that quality assurance criteria are in place and applied
  • Escalating unresolved issues to the TSC
  • Defining priorities within the priority management criteria which the Governance Board has created
  • Supporting activities such as education and Connectathons
  • Ensuring that the Work Group's development of products uses the product family methodology

Additional activities shall include:

  • Proposing to SGB, as needed, precepts for the product family and adhere to those established by the SGB
  • Managing the 2.x change request process


The Version 2-MG is composed of six to ten members representing a variety of stakeholder perspectives with voting privileges. Each member is appointed by the TSC with consideration of the recommendations of the SGB.

  • The HL7 Chief Technical Officer (CTO) ex officio and Product Director designee as appropriate
  • Four or five member representatives from across the organization representing more than one steering division. Supporting a variety of stakeholder perspectives and domain needs. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Providers
    • Implementers
    • At least one member to represent the “international” (non-US) perspective appointed by the TSC with consideration of the recommendations of the SGB and the International Council.
    • Payer
    • At least one member to serve as liasion to SGB
  • Up to four additional ad-hoc members:
    • Each member is appointed by the TSC with consideration of the recommendations of the SGB based on their technical interest and understanding of Version 2 methodology, conformance, vocabulary, organizational and/or management expertise.
  • Members should have domain experience in the following areas:
    • Laboratory
    • Financial
    • Admit Discharge Transfer
  • Constraints on membership:
    • Member terms will be 2 years and renewable at the discretion of the Technical Steering Committee (TSC)
  • Constraints on co-chair-ship:
    • Co-chairs will be selected by the members of the group and will have terms of 2 years.
    • The co-chairs of the management group may not also be a co-chair of the product family methodology group, nor the SGB
    • Co-chair and member terms are staggered such that approximately 50% of the member terms expire in each year.
      • For the first vote, the candidate with the highest affirmative/negative relationship will run for a 2 year's term.
  • All members, including ex-officio members, have a vote.
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