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Conference Calls

The v2 Management Group meets weekly. The calls alternate between 9AM Eastern and 3PM Eastern to ensure convenient times across a variety of time zones. See the HL7 Conference Call Center for more details.

Friday Morning Call Link:

Friday Afternoon Call Link:


The Version 2 Management Group provides day-to-day oversight of the processes and products related to Version 2 throughout their lifecycle. This includes ensuring Version 2 product quality, setting product strategy, monitoring scope and consistency in accordance with Standards Governance Board (SGB) principles and aiding in the resolution of Version 2 related intra and inter-work group issues.



The Version 2 Management Group will focus its energy on enabling and ensuring the following:

    • Conformance, Vocabulary and Infrastructure and Message (InM) work together with the management group to develop quality criteria for the Version 2 products
    • Version 2 development is coordinated and consistent across the organization and of high quality
    • Work groups receive timely feedback and guidance on Version 2 products
    • Work group development of Version 2 products are aligned with the broader goals of HL7 and its constituent communities
    • Work groups act in a coordinated manner with quick resolution of Version 2 related disputes
    • Work groups understand what is expected of them and have access to the skills and tools necessary to perform their domain specific Version 2 related work
    • Known Version 2 risks are recorded, managed, and reviewed regularly per the SGB precept on vitality assessment.


Formal Relationships With Other HL7 Groups

  • The Version 2-MG reports to the TSC
  • The Version 2-MG is responsible for adhering to precepts established by the SGB
  • The Version 2-MG provides advice and recommendations to the SGB
  • The Version 2-MG coordinates with Infrastructure and Messaging for Version 2 Methodology
    The Version 2-MG coordinates with the Publishing WG regarding V2 Publishing and Electronic Services and Tools regarding V2 tooling

Formal Relationship With Groups Outside of HL7

  • The Version 2-MG has no formal relationships with groups outside HL7.

HL7 Work Group Liaisons

  • Clinical Genomics - TBD
  • Conformance - Rob Snelick
  • Financial Management - TBD
  • InM - Tony Julian
  • Orders and Observations - Riki Merrick
  • Patient Administration - TBD
  • Patient Care - TBD
  • Public Health - Craig Newman
  • Publishing - TBD
  • Structured Documents - TBD
  • Vocabulary - TBD

HL7 International Affiliate Liaisons

  • HL7 Germany - Frank Oemig

Other Links


Position: IT Technical Specialist II
Department: IT
Location: Mayo Clinic

Phone: 9162160052
Position: Terminologist
Department: Vernetzt, LLC / APHL
Location: Sacramento

Position: Interoperability Standards Analyst
Location: Altarum Institute

(Co-Chair term ending 2021)

Phone: 925 997-8150
Position: Consulting Engineer
Department: Enterprise Integration Services
Location: Kasier Permanente, Pleasanton, CA

Position: Senior eHealth Architect
Department: Deutsche Telekom Healthcare and Security Solutions GmbH, HL7 Germany
Location: Essen, Germany
(Co-Chair term ending 2021)

Department: Standards and Regulations
Location: Epic

Phone: +1 (612) 632-2612
Position: Sr Principal Engineer, TLCP
Location: Los Gatos, CA, US

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