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Attendees: Michael Faughn, Rob Snelick, Craig Newman, Lynn Laakso, Frank Oemig, David Burgess, Hans Buitendijk


  • Michael: Working on Conformance and Chapter 3.  Preparing and need to decide what to get done for Sydney
  • Frank: Working through v2.9 to publish, and then also put in database and convert for v2+
    • Semantic/syntax in good shape, but some content and structure.  Question is that remaining issues may be better done manual after v2+ conversion where it makes sense as it may not make sense to "fix" some issues.
  • For Sydney have all the FHIR resources/structure definitions in place and sample conversions from the v2.9 document to those resources/structures.
    • One file per structure, e.g., one file per component (e.g., PID) in a FHIR resource or structure definition.
    • When a section in v2.9 is picked up, checked whether it already exists in v2+.
      • If not, create it.
      • If it does, create a version anyway and compare with what is there.  If exactly the same, throw out the version.  If not, we compare/report/etc.
  • FHIR Connectathon?
    • UTG, v2-to-FHIR, v2+ all using FHIR based constructs.
    • Let's not do it under FHIR Connectathon umbrella
    • Monday - Frank, Michael, Hans, Rob - Hans to ask MaryAnn whether we have a room with projector.
    • Waiting for FMG agenda.  May combine with our regular meeting.
    • Wednesday Q0 is v2+
  • January 24 Meeting
    • Review DRAFT slides/materials
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