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Task NameDescriptionOwnerNotes
Control product quality

Identify quality criteria for products pre-ballot and pre-publication

Ensure timely execution of task across responsible WGs

Create and support consistent change request process for v2 base

MnM has a starter list of QC criteria

identify issues and create processes to prevent re-occurrence

We had the database, migrated to gForge, and plan is to go to confluence - need to work with HQ on best roadmap for that

Include developing basic IG templates (in IGAMT probably) to encourage consistency across guides

Develop value set documentation processes focused on how to publish IG value sets

Support v2 implementation

Resolve disputes about v2 interpretations

support tool development and use for conformance testing

ensure v2 methodology is followed

Work with MnM and ESD

escalate to TSC, if needed

Maintain inventory of productsv2 Product Inventory

Plan product family changes and development roadmap

Approve PSS and publication requests prior to TSC

recommend new products

define priorities under the SGB

Need to develop processes for the PSS and publication requests
Coordinate education and connectathons (if desired)

v2 IG Quality Metrics

Define the criteria that will be applied to HL7 Version 2 Implementation Guides (IG):

HL7 Version 2 Implementation Guide Quality Metrics

v2 Standard MetricsDefine the criteria that will be applied to v2 standard documents.InMA good starting point and perhaps an implicit collection is the v2 styleguide.
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