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V2.9.1 Ballot Reconciliation

  • V2-25602 - Everywhere GSP, GSR, and GSC are added OBX needs to be added as well TRIAGED 
      • When we agreed to accept the prior short-term guidance, which before covered patient related SO and GI
      • We added pronouns
      • We always excluded SPCU and Recorded Sex and Gender, since OBX was missing certain attributes that are available in the GSR and SPCU
      • Reviewing the V2-25412 tracker
        • It states update the existing guidance
        • It states in an OBX following a PID segment
      • Is there a lab workflow where this information is being exchanged for non -patients now?
        • Kathy’s concern:
          • At the moment there is no need, but if the requirement gets added, then for the other places where we have added the new segments it will be harder to add them as the new segments – would be easier to just us OBX
          • For new use cases shouldn’t that be new development anyway on all sides
      • At time of balloting:
      • If we broaden the guidance beyond patient, then we should be balloting this document as well
      • We should send this out to the listserve for all affected WGs and V2-Management
      • And plan on voting in INM, since votes in V2 Management are limited to V2 Management group members and this has broader implications
      • Proposed disposition:
        • Not persuasive
        • The scope of the original Observation-based guidance was for patient only. If other persons need similar data exchanged (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity or Pronouns), then the new GS* segments should be used as described in the base standard.
      • Include these in the listserve email - as they cover the same topic:
        • V2-25605 - Add OBX where new Gender Harmony segments were added. SUBMITTED
        • V2-25618 - Add OBX where Gender Harmony Segments are added SUBMITTED
        • V2-25625 - Add OBX where Gender Harmony Segments are added SUBMITTED
        • V2-25626 - Add OBX where Gender Harmony Segments are added SUBMITTED
        • V2-25627 - Add OBX where Gender Harmony Segments are added SUBMITTED
  • We could add pronouns to XPN datatype, then it would be available in all names – would that help?
    • People can have multiple pronouns at a time (and we cannot repeat inside a datatype) and also would not have the validity period and some other of the metadata elements
    • Might be helpful for general use to cover the majority of uses
    • We could put a jira ticket in to take this back to Gender Harmony – also should go and talk to FHIR and CDA
      • In CDA you can repeat components
    • But then we would have a third way of communicating pronouns ☹

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