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Craig Newman

xFrank Oemigv2MG

Tony Julianv2MG
xRiki Merrickv2MG

Elizabeth Newtonv2MG


Amit Popat

xNick Radovv2MG
xRob Snelickv2MG
xLynn LaaksoHL7
xFreida Hall
xMary Kay McDaniel
xMichael Faughn
xSheryl Taylor
xRalf Herzog
xKazuyuki Dambara
xHans Buitendijk
xCharles Gabrial

This is the Wednesday morning call joint with v2 publishing WGs at the September 2020 WGM

Agenda Topics

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Message Structure Discussion

Message Structure Mismatches_20200904.docx

  • In v2, the standard is often repeated even when the message structure is identical
  • The message structure ID (eg ORU_R01, ADT_A09) is used to specify the structure and all message types with the same message structure should be the same
  • The number of message structures varies by chapter
  • ADT_A09
    • PA intentionally removed the DG1 segment starting in v2.7
    • Removing segments has to be done in a controlled fashion
    • Need to add this back in the newer versions so that it can be deprecated
  • ADT_A12
    • PA transitioned from the ADT_A09 to the ADT_A12 for the A09 event
    • in v2.4, the ADT_A09 did not allow DG1 to repeat
    • DG1 was then removed which makes the ADT_A09 and ADT_A12 message structures identical
    • Transitioning back from ADT_A12 to ADT_A09 may be too much trouble
  • OO changes
    • Message Structure Mismatches_20200904-hjb.docx
    • Significant errors introduced with v2.8
      • Triggering events were reused
    • Changes should have been updated with v2.9
      • How do we handle prior version errata?
        • Need errata for v2.8, v2.8.1 and v2.8.2 (updating both event and message structure)
        • OSU_O41 → OSU_O51
        • OMQ_O42 → OMQ_O57
        • ORX_O43 → ORX_O58
        • We do not need to change the DBC_O41, DBU_O42 or DRG_O43
  • Patient Care
    • Having multiple queries (eg. RQI_I01 - RQI_I04) which use the same response is not a problem
  • FM
    • We will keep the identical message structures
  • ACK messages
    • Goal: To come up with a single ACK message structure for v2+ 
    • Only a subset of messages allow the UAC segment to repeat in the ACK message
      • It's unlikely that multiple UAC segments will be in an ACK, it's a possible fringe case
        • SAML documentation does allow for multiple assertions which is a use case for UAC
      • Need to check with Alex (PA) to make sure the UAC was not defined as repeating for a specific known use case
        • If there is no specific use case, then the scheduling ACKs will be changed to remove the repetition
      • This should be documented as a "known issue" in the base standard
    • Most messages allow ERR to repeat but a small subset does not
  • We will aim for having a set of proposals for authoring WG approval 
    • We will aim to have the proposal by Oct 9th for circulating to authoring WGs
    • We will aim to approve the proposed changes on the Oct 23rd V2 MG call
  • This group will put together a set of guidelines for harmonizing the errors identified during the migration to v2+ 
  • Guideline - In deference to practicality, where identical message structures exist today, they will not be merged unless there is a use case specific reason to do so
  • Guideline - In deference to practicality, where corrections need to be made, a path will be chosen that results in the fewest changes possible while still representing the original intent of the authors
  • Guideline - Elements (data types, segments, messages structures) should not be deprecated solely because the authoring WG no longer wishes to maintain the elements , in this case, a new responsible authoring WG should be found
  • Guideline - All elements will be the responsibility of an active authoring WG (even if that means moving ownership of the elements )
  • Guideline - Deprecated elements will be retained in the base standard
  • Motion to accept the guidelines as written (Riki/Nick) 5-0-0
  • Mary Kay enthusiastically!!!! supports the guidelines

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