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Chair:  Craig Newman

Scribe: Craig Newman

NOTE: This attendance applies if you are present at the related meeting/call, regardless if you have signed a different attendance for your WG. 






Craig Newman

xFrank Oemigv2MG

Tony Julianv2MG

Riki Merrickv2MG

Elizabeth Newtonv2MG


Amit Popat

xNick Radovv2MG
xRob Snelickv2MG
xLynn LaaksoHL7
xChris Amorosa
xKazukuki Dambara
xBryn Evans
xSheryl Taylor
xSandy Stuart

This is the Wednesday call of the v2 MG at the September 2020 WGM

Agenda Topics

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

  • We will cancel the Friday morning call this week
  • We will keep the current Friday meeting session schedule
  • FHIR seems to be working on some tooling changes but we don't have details on what that looks like for end users or infrastructure
    • Frank, Rob and Michael will follow up to try and get more details
  • Frank will follow up on our call this morning to come up with a list of proposed changes for v2+ and errata
  • HQ is still working on migrating comments to Jira
    • We have done everything asked of us and we're just waiting for it to happen
  • Updates on existing expected v2 IG
    • Public Health should have one in January 2020
    • Haven't heard much about FM's anesthesia billing IG
    • EHDI IG is still with ANSI (should hear back from them soon)
  • The Conformance Methodology document is now published
  • The early January ballot does have a cross-paradigm security document that should have v2 content in it - please sign up for the ballot pool

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