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Chair:  Craig Newman

Scribe: Riki Merrick

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Craig Newman

XFrank Oemigv2MG

Tony Julianv2MG
XRiki Merrickv2MG

Elizabeth Newtonv2MG

Amit Popat

XNick Radovv2MG
XRob Snelickv2MG

Lynn LaaksoHL7
XScott RobertsonPharmacy

This is a Friday morning call

Agenda Topics

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Agenda review
  • Datatype flavor document is on hold for about 1 month
  • Conformance document ballot passed
    • will be published as normative after comment resolution
    • calls are Tuesdays 10 AM ET, doing triage in confluence with proposed resolutions
    • 94 comments, 24 negatives
  • Quality Criteria ballot
    • Some substantive negative comments – will go through on INM calls
  • Next week PH will vote on publication request for the 2 IGs that were balloted in Feb2020 – those are posted HERE:
v2-to-FHIR ballot
  • Informal community review early next month
  • Want to go to formal ballot in May
  • FMG discussion around ballot brought up concerns:
  • While this involves FHIR, it is
  • Ultimately we will create conceptMap resources for these mapping, but that is hard for human review, spreadsheet is easier
  • Ultimately will create FHIR IG using the FHIR IG processor
  • Content is currently in confluence pages and we won’t get it all migrated by next week Monday
  • FMG wants to reduce the number of ballots FHIR IGs go through
  • V2 Management opinion to allow going to ballot using confluence pages and spreadsheets and examples of some conceptMap resources
  • Concern over confluence pages immutability – if we can make sure they cannot be changed
  • What audience do we want this round?
  • Want input on actual mapping = content input from V2 experts
  • On infrastructure = FHIR experts
  • Did we miss something that folks are using
  • Are element mappings sufficient
  • What implementation considerations did we forget, or we cannot define in the resources and does that affect the mappings
  • Some elements will have more than one mapping (NK1)
  • Dealing with Observation is interesting:
    • using multiple OBX for related observations = panels
    • using multiple OBX for line-breaks for narrative reports – NOT ALLOWED in V2, but often implemented
    • OBX-5 repeating
    • Use of OBX-5 with post-coordination
  • How to deal with unsolicited ORU messages (when you need order information along with the diagnosticReport
  • Why not just do this as a community review?
    • We have been doing that and have NOT gotten any input, so doing a ballot will raise that (though it also make
  • Having community review AND ballot in 3 month period is a lot to ask the same folks to do
  • Motion that V2 management will support a May ballot as set of confluence page with the spreadsheet links with the understanding that this will be in FHIR IG format for the net ballot round
    • Riki Merrick, Amit Popat
    • further discussion: is it for comment or STU? suggest for comment
    • abstain:0, against: 0, in favor:5
  • Craig will let Hans know
UDI Pattern publication request

UDI Pattern R2 Publication Request

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Supporting Document

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