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Chair:  Craig Newman

Scribe: Craig Newman

NOTE: This attendance applies if you are present at the related meeting/call, regardless if you have signed a different attendance for your WG. 






Craig Newman


Frank Oemigv2MG

Tony Julianv2MG
xRiki Merrickv2MG
xElizabeth Newtonv2MG

Amit Popat

xNick Radovv2MG
xRob Snelickv2MG
xLynn LaaksoHL7

This is a Friday afternoon call

Agenda Topics

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

v2.9 update
  • v2.9 ANSI release has published
  • No outstanding errata (at least at this point)

Review outstanding gForge tickets

HL7nnnn value in HL70396
  • In a recent base standard update, the code system "HL7nnnn" was made "obsolete" in table 0396
    • Talking to Ted Klein, the intent was to prevent people from using the literal string "HL7nnnn" as a place holder for local code systems but the obsolete designation has caused confuse with people think that they can't use table IDs (eg HL70301)
    • The code should not be "obsolete" in table 0396 but rather we should just update the description of the use of the code system. We will work with Ted to get the description updated and the status reverted

The expression HL7nnnn is meant to restrict the value to the characters 'HL7' and four numeric digits e.g. HL70001 is valid, examples of invalid values include HL71, HL701, HL7001. The literal value “HL7nnnn” is also invalid as this intended to only represent the pattern of "HL7" followed by the four numeric digits which indicate the v2 table ID.

Digital Signatures
  • Rene Spronk as a question on Zulip:

  • No action to take, but we may get more follow up questions from the folks in Ireland
  • An alternative would be to use CDA rather than v2 if the content permits

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