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Sep 14

No Meeting

SundaySep 15

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MondaySep 16

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TuesdaySep 17AMQ0
v2+ Toolingv2MG
Joining InMInM
No Meeting

Presentation to the Board

No Meeting

WednesdaySep 18AMQ0
Cross-Product FamilyTSCco-chairs will attend
Joining EST/PublishingEST
No Meeting

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No Meeting

ThursdaySep 19AMQ0
v2-to-FHIR OO
No Meeting

No Meeting

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No Meeting

FridaySep 20

No Meeting

Tuesday Q0

Hans presents and explains the current set of v2-FHIR mapping sheets. Robert Worden adds, that his tooling consumes those sheets and generates a Java based mapping.

For v2+ tooling, we need to write down the requirements.

Detailed notes:

  • Use OO attendance log
  • Talk about topics from V2+ tooling minutes – Sept 6
  • Mike presents current state of V2 Web Editor Application:
  • Slides show process – get from Mike
  • No FHIR elements shown, because this is the user's view
  • Text sections are individual objects
  • What else to include?
    • How does the navigation between text snippets work – as if reading the document and then making edits to a section
      • There are several ways to accomplish that – will put that on the list

Website editor view:


WIZYWIG editor view:

Can we add message format button (to use the right font etc) – or consider using a code editing widget

This is based on html – chose style

Looking at the website:

Still need to work out the table structure layout – but the word import function is working well – this took 9 minutes to import the conformance document

Need to define the source of truth – currently SQL dB – but could be any other format, including FHIR resources

IF we are using FHIR for persistence and then need to use the editor to make changes, then that makes things more complicated, because we would need to transform back into the elements this editor can work with

The FHIR IG publisher cannot currently build FHIR resource content, they publish a set of files from GitHub and generates some TOC and title and create FHIR packages – this is a discussion with Grahame

FHIR publisher can publish structure definition but only by itself, but not many instances of structure definitions – same seems to be true for composition, but not necessarily render the content of that composition

Need to build the logical structure to group the set of sections that make up the

This section layout should end up mapping 1:1 to the sections in composition

What is the benefit of rendering the v2 content source of truth as FHIR resources

We want to use structureDefinition to define the content for V2

FHIR input for FHIR resources is the excel sheet right now

Value proposition

If we can use the same environment and vocabulary and terminology as FHIR – this will help get more people that could

We want to create a tool that is NOT unique to specific HL7 product family tool and not even HL7 specific

For editing will need to edit just specific sections, but need to often also understand the overall context, which will require more sections to be pulled in – but we don't want that

HAPi on FHIR uses SQL over???

  • What is the goal? Finding resources for persistence layer:
    • Word – no
    • Files on GitHub (provides the versioning capability, but not sure that the structure is defined there) like FHIR
    • Access dB (no versioning)
    • SQL dB
    • FHIR resources
  • We want to publish the website using IG publisher (but that is ONLY known and maintained by Grahame)
  • What are the requirements specifically
    • We need small snippets where order can be defined that has good version control
  • Next steps:
    • Frank to list the things we currently don't have
    • Mike to list the things he is missing/causing him
    • Migrate the section mapping to the FHIR elements – Frank (Hans has a spreadsheet as a starting point – Frank to
    • Next meeting Friday October 4th at 9 AM EDT

Adjourned 8:15

Tuesday Q1

See INM minutes 2019-09-17 InM WG Agenda/Minutes Q1

Tuesday Q3

Frank presents the slides, that v2MG has created shortly before the meeting. The board is not interested in the technical details of v2+, they just want to get a high-level overview of where we intend to go.

The board want us to agree with the TSC by the means of PSSes what approach we are going to pursue.

From a content perspective, there are some remarks, that we should go with github, because this is the way FHIR is going. Most of the tools are based on that. So, we have to analyse the requirements.

Wednesday Q0


    • There is no PSS that asks for this site. Therefore, TSC is reluctant to allow for it. FMG has problems with it, because they have their own page where they do not want to apply any changes.
    • The separated conformance document is for v2 only, formerly known as Chapter 2B.
  • data type flavors:
    • The same.
    • It would make sense to analyse and extract generic information models that drive specialisations into v2, CDA and FHIR.

Detailed notes:

  • URL for conformance
    • For V2 have project and has been balloted Sept 2019cycle
    • Need project for overarching URL – out of Conformance – talk to the methodology groups involved (MnM, INM, SD – others?
  • URL for datatype
    • For V2 have project and has been balloted May2018cycle
    • Need project for overarching – out of Conformance– talk to the methodology groups involved (MnM, INM, SD – others?
  • QA rules = MUST be enforced by Jan 2021 cycle
  • Product management groups should create a checklist for ballot content review prior to ballot (project team asserts they have done that)
  • FHIR has that already and will share to the TSC and should become part of the package, so that balloters can do the same checks
  • Ensure we communicate to projects and sponsoring WGs to know that this is coming down the pike and cc TSC on those communications
  • Cross product deadline – have 2 IGs that follow each of the product lines – make the rule that it must meet the earliest deadline of the project
  • Question about publication review (2 weeks deadline) - different from review of ballot material
  • Improving QA:
    • FHIR is mediating QA as a paid reviewer pre-publication – can that be applied to other management groups
  • Other helpful things:
    • FHIR schedule for the WGM
    • Manage WGM agendas on jira for each quarter showing the WG and rooms etc – categorize by Product family, topic type, keywords, allow folks to subscribe, sign up to attend etc
    • Shuffling rooms after the deadline will still need MaryAnne's approval

Wednesday Q1

Attendees: David Burgess, Brian Pech, Frank Oemig, Riki Merrick, Elizabeth Newton, Nick Radov, Finnie, Lynn Laakso, Kasayuki Dambara, Amit Popat

  • Agenda Review
  • Update on 2.9 publication
    • Chapter 2 C publication request – get on Vocab and then V2 Management then TSC
    • No dot releases anticipated:
      • Have some open change requests, but no pressure to
    • Have edit marks to be accepted
    • Check final formatting scripts
    • Has publication request submitted to TSC (Riki will double-check and submit, if not)
    • If yes is in 45 ANSI review period, else that will start once TSC approves
  • V2+ is after V2.9 – web based version going forward
    • Continuous management is proposed – annual or bi-annual updates
    • Potentially make pdf downloads available
    • Upcoming change requests – currently all in gForge once status updates are complete tell Lynn and these will all moved over to jira
    • We have URL: resp. is publishing the draft out of 2.8.2 – will update to v2.9
    • Working on aligning the documentation of conformance to make more FHIR like terms is first round
    • Then add more content in second round
    • How will balloting change in V2+?
      • Depends on ANSI rules – may need to check – Lynn to report back
        • Difference between continuous vs periodic maintenance
      • Similar to FHIR – would have a directory of published versions
        • Would be nice to have a diff list between the versions
          • Mike is currently working on that feature
          • Have to include the human = important features as part of the publication request
        • Update on V2+ tooling
          • Working on WIZIWIG editor that can support the context around the paragraph
          • Currently using dB as source of truth – looking for a better persistence layer
            • UTG is preserving V2 table content using FHIR resources
            • So need to link other document content to this
              • Need versioning (not doable in dB)
              • Propose to use FHIR resource to store the content as FHIR resources and put together using FHIR composition
                • Looking for java class with descriptions needed for message definition using structureDefinition to create that, so we can then create the instances = BUT currently FHIR publisher uses spreadsheets to import the instance content

=> this is development requirement for FHIR IG publisher

FHIR IG publisher is currently pulling files on GITHUB repository


  • How do you handle branching and merging without GITHUB?
    • Not yet covered – reach out to FHIR committers to get input on this requirement
  • We are going to break away from chapters, so you can create domain specific information as well as other means to break out sections
    • Can still create the chapters by creating views into the website
    • Need to ensure we have good communication about how this might affect how people use the base standard
  • What are we going to use for IG publication going forward?
    • We have IGAMT currently
    • Can FHIR IG publisher do the same things as IGAMT
    • IGAMT does have API functionality, maybe we can use that for importing the v2+ base resources
  • Other V2 Management update slides that were presented to the board
  • QA minimum requirement across all product families (style guide etc)
    • QC criteria should be set by Sept2019
    • Wil be enforced in the Jan2021 ballot cycle
    • There should also be a check list pre-ballot review as well as one for ballot package
  • Next WGM keep this quarter?
    • Lynn won't be there L

Thursday Q0

Same as Tuesday Q0. But this time we have concentrated on message details with regard to how choices and segments within a group can properly referenced.

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