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Ulrike Merrick

Frank Oemig
Amit Popat
Robert Snelick
Craig Newman

Elizabeth Newton

Anthony Julian
XLynn LaaksoHL7 Staff

This is a 9AM Eastern call

  • Agenda:
    • Agenda Review and Update
    • Review insurance verification proposals
    • v2.x information model
    • Review Rob's selective adoption document
    • Review InM IG quality metrics draft
  • Minutes
    • v2.9 status
      • Recon is complete
      • We're still having trouble with section headers in some chapters (13 with numbering, 17 with section headers)
        • Lynn will take a look
      • Still missing 4, 4A, 6, 7, 8, 11
        • Hans has plans to send 4, 4A, 7 to Frank today
        • Riki reached out to Scott Robertson for Chapter 8
        • Amit will update the table row color in one of the message strucutres (non-substantive change) for Chapter 11
        • Frank waiting for 6 from FM – discussion on how to deal with the fact, that the harmonization proposal has different outcome than what Germany is using now – struggling with how to implement this into ballot
    • Review insurance verification proposals
      • Passed harmonization
        • The example codes in the table may not match the German needs
          • The tables are user defined so local codes can always be defined during implementation
          • Comments can be submitted during the ballot period
          • Should we take the German translations for the codes out, so they feel the American solution is not “medling with their regulation”?
      • Chapter 6 will be updated accordingly
    • v2.x information model - not discussed today 
    • Review Rob's HL7v2 SelectiveAdoption Criteria document
      • Tries to capture the thoughts and what each approach means
        • Pre-adoption
        • post-adoption
        • Post-adoption from V2+
      • And how to implement either approach into the tooling (schematron creation) – this should end up in the Conformance documents (moving 2B into the V2 Conformance Methodology, that is message version agnostic)
      • Example for pre-adoption: start with v25.1. and add a few features from V2.9
      • At what level will we allow the objects to be defined for which approach?
      • Post-adoption in v2+ works, if we decide to NOT withdraw any fields anymore
      • Level of granularity:
        • Entire message structure = that is not pre-adoption, just use of the new version – will need to think through how to deal with the MSH-9, and MSH-12 vs what is in the MSH-21 – may need to look at examples
        • Will need to think through how to best describe some of the rules associated here
        • IG definitions would have to clearly document what is used form which version
        • We may need to assign metadata to the objects, so folks can know what version to use
        • No partial adoption of datatypes – MUST adopt all of the fields in the new datatype, can profile to X if not desired (did we do that in the lab guides?)
      • ACTION ITEM: Please review the document and add comments so we can review again in 2 weeks
    • Review HL7 Version 2 Implementation Guide Quality Metrics
      • The conformance Methodology documents will define how IGs should be constructed and those will inherently be the QCs for IG creation and then this can be migrated to a checklist
      • ACTION ITEM: Please review the document and add comments so we can review again in 2 weeks
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