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The HL7 US Realm Steering Committee’s (USR-SC) mission is to provide the US Realm technical direction to the HL7 International organization to achieve the vision of creating the best and most widely used standards in US healthcare. In conjunction with the HL7 International TSC, the USR-SC oversees and coordinates the US Realm technical efforts contributed by the HL7 participants to ensure that the efforts of the HL7 International Working Group (I-WG) are focused on the overall HL7 mission while still addressing US Realm needs.

The USR-SC reviews and provides oversight to US Realm projects during the approval process. This allows the USR-SC to identify gaps and overlaps between projects of the Working Group and the US Realm requirements. The USR-SC is also responsible for establishing appropriate governance, management and methodology structures necessary for the US Realm focused standards development. The USR-SC should follow an approach similar to how the International TSC is establishing and overseeing governance, management and methodology for HL7 International.


The HL7 US Realm Steering Committee is responsible for overseeing the execution of US Realm standards development within HL7 International by assuring that the efforts of the I-WG are in line with the product and services strategy set forth by the Board. Since there will be considerable overlap between the responsibilities of the USR-SC the HL7 International Technical Steering Committee (TSC), the two groups will need to coordinate closely.

The HL7 International TSC oversees the technical operations of the I-WG and assures that the I-WG works smoothly together and covers the work scope in a consistent manner. The USR-SC will restrict its activities to oversight of US Realm related projects brought forward to HL7 International for development by HL7 International work groups. The USR-SC does not have direct authority over the I-WG, rather it will work through the HL7 International TSC should such oversight become necessary.

The HL7 International TSC serves as the primary communication vehicle for the technical operations of HL7 International and serves as the technical authority of HL7 International, communicating status and guidelines regarding standards and operations.  The USR-SC will closely coordinate its communications with the HL7 International TSC.


*Mission and Charter June 8, 2015


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Position: CTO
Location: Chicago, IL

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Position: Director, DCHI
Department: CTSI
Location: DURHAM

TSC Chair

HL7 Board Chair
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Department: IT
Location: Mayo Clinic
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Department: MD Partners, Inc.

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